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1: Channels — Live TV

by Fancy Bits, LLC
Amazon Sales Rank: 301
  • Pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV
  • Guide Data
  • Full grid guide
  • Full HD streaming (bandwidth permitting)
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Channel favoriting
  • Jump back to last channel
  • Auto Discovery
  • Browse what's on other channels while watching TV
  • Manage your HDHomeRun devices from Channels
List Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $1.99
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2: Movies Plus

by Apple Pie Films
Amazon Sales Rank: 321
  • For Fire TV, Classics, rare indies and Offbeat Movies
  • Sci-Fi, Horror and Drama Films
  • Action Thrillers and Sports TV
  • Comedy, Fun, Oddball TV, CGI, Anim
  • Documentary, Slow TV, News, Web Series
List Price: $0.99
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3: Free Movies Now Pro

by Drazon Apps
Amazon Sales Rank: 409
  • Legal movies and TV shows to stream and download.
  • A huge library of comics, books, radio shows and more.
  • Great for children and adults alike.
  • Watch & Download over 1,000 Movies, Tv Shows & Cartoons
  • Watch them directly on you video player or download for later!!!
  • Download Hundreds of Radio Shows
  • Download Hundreds of Audio Books
  • Download Hundreds of Comic Books
  • Streams directly to your video player
  • Comics
List Price: $2.59
Sale Price: $2.59
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4: Vimu Media Player for Fire TV

by Alexander Kolychev
Amazon Sales Rank: 706
  • Video and music playback.
  • USB, SD-card support.
  • UPnP/DLNA support.
  • SMB/NFS streaming.
  • Surround sound pass-though.
List Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.99
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5: MrMC

by Rootcoder, LLC.
Amazon Sales Rank: 781
  • integrated Plex client with Direct-Play
  • integrated SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP clients
  • integrated LightEffects client (boblight/ambilight)
  • integrated SQLite or external MySQL databases for video/music libraries
  • supports DVDs with DVD menu support
  • supports MKV, AVI, DivX and other video files
  • supports ACC, FLAC, DD, DTS and other audio formats
  • supports MythTV, HDHomeRun and many other IPTV devices
  • supports display switching for 4K video playback
  • supports display switching for resolution/refresh matching
List Price: $1.00
Sale Price: $1.00
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6: TWiT.TV for Fire TV

by FCon Software
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,144
  • Watch Live Stream of shows
  • Watch Recorded Video Podcasts
  • Schedule of Upcoming Live Broadcasts
List Price: $0.99
Sale Price: $0.99
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7: Clicker Heroes Guide

by DMApps
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,154
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Ultimate Guide
  • Awesome Videos & Communities
List Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $4.99
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8: RoughAnimator - animation app

by WeirdHat
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,421
  • Timeline with unlimited layers and easily adjustable exposure length of individual drawings, for pose-to-pose or straight-ahead animating
  • Onion skinning
  • Preview playback
  • Scrub along timeline
  • Import audio for lip syncing
  • Import video for rotoscoping animation
  • Custom brushes
  • Control framerate and resolution
  • Export to Quicktime video, GIF, or image sequence
  • RoughAnimator projects can be imported to Adobe Flash/Animate, After Effects, and Toon Boom Harmony
List Price: $11.00
Sale Price: $11.00
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9: Idle Stickman 5

by Rowejes Stickman
Amazon Sales Rank: 2,160
  • Idle Stickman 5
List Price: $8.99
Sale Price: $8.99
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10: Life Studio

by Buharih gacha
Amazon Sales Rank: 2,262
  • Life Studio
  • Life Studio
List Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.99
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11: Autotune Voice Simulator

by Sean Luther
Amazon Sales Rank: 2,720
  • Change your voice with this Autotune SIMULATOR app.
  • Sound like Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Kanye West or any other rapper or singer that uses auto tune to change how they sound.
  • Records your voice and plays it back to you in a cool sounding pitch.
List Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $4.99
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12: Live Somali TV

by BCS Consulting Group
Amazon Sales Rank: 3,352
  • Universal TV
  • SNTV
  • Doodwadaag
List Price: $0.99
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13: Free Cartoons Now Pro

by Drazon Apps
Amazon Sales Rank: 3,488
  • Hundreds of cartoons available to stream or download!
  • Favorites like Looney Toons, Merry Melodies!
  • Continuous Updates
  • All Devices Supported
List Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $4.99
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14: PlayTo

by Dayglows Inc.
Amazon Sales Rank: 3,598
  • Stream online videos wirelessly from your Android to your Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, DLNA media player/TV
  • Browse media located on networked computers right on your device
  • Play music or show photos on your Android through any networked device
List Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $14.99
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15: Slingplayer

by Sling Media
Amazon Sales Rank: 3,784
  • Watch and control 100% of the cable or satellite channels you already pay for, live or recorded, on your Android tablet anywhere you have an Internet connection -with absolutely no monthly fees.
  • No blocked shows or games in any location.
  • Watch your favorite shows and sports on all the channels you subscribe to, even when you're overseas.
  • View and manage DVR recordings.
  • Absolutely no monthly fees.
List Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $8.00
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16: AirPlay Mirroring Receiver

by 李俊
Amazon Sales Rank: 3,855
  • - Fully support iOS6/7/8/9/10/11 AirPlay streaming and mirroring
  • - Support Youtube AirPlay streaming
  • - Mirror iOS screen to Android phones, tablets, and FireTV via AirPlay
  • - Share media like Youtube video on iOS to Android
  • - Showcase apps/games on iOS on Android
  • - Support audio sync with other AirExpress devices. You can archive this by tuning audio latency.
  • - Compatibility with AirParrot/AirParrot 2. you can use AirParrot mirror your PC screen on your Android Device
  • - Beam your iPad or iPhone screen to HDMI or VGA projector, smartboard or HDTV via a Android TV/Box
  • - Take your iOS games to the big screen
List Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $1.99
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17: Watch TV Plus+ (Watch and Record 100’s of Live TV Channels)

by spaceviz
Amazon Sales Rank: 4,886
  • We offer a variety of other Free programming as well, including: Sports, News, Lifestyle, Movies, Shopping, Kids, Fashion, Lifestyle, Food and Wine, Cars, Business, (more), from Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada (in Canada), France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Middle Eastern countries, Russia, UK; including Radio stations, Podcasts, VOD & more; all Free!
  • Watch & Record 600 TV Channels for free in SD; We host over 45 000 Video-On-Demand (VOD) titles.
  • Save Money, Space and Time. No need to sign in with a contracted Cable provider, or buy many TV apps. Save Space on your mobile device. No need to download many Apps from all the TV Networks. Save Time. Want to change channels? Go Ahead. No need to leave the app and open another networks' app. Play. Pause. Record. (with a Cloud-based DVR, Record),
  • Most of the Programming IS FREE.  There are three types of OPTIONAL subscriptions: Extra DVR space (to record your programmes); Local US channels package (hundreds of other channels and some select US channels are free); HD (SD is free)
  • Password protected parental controls within the settings section of this App enable a full choice of content filters to manage everything from language, drugs, prejudice, violence, nudity and more.
  • Easily Share, from within the App; WiFi Checker from settings within the App; 12h or 24h clock adjust from settings within the App; DLNA and Chromecast support added (share across multiple devices).
  • A good internet connection is required. If you have troubles loading the stations, try again (several times perhaps) with a good connection. If you have any issues starting up, it is no fault of the application, rather the FilmOn server is likely updating. For support visit http://support.filmon.com , please do not leave a bad comment about the app nor the developer.
  • The service is provided and supported by FilmOn.
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18: Horror Skin Mod Scary

by Vincent Games Inc
Amazon Sales Rank: 5,440
  • Support import mods to MCPE master
  • Search Skins by tags.
  • Search skins by names.
List Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $20.00
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19: Train Simulator 3D

by Smart Touch Media
Amazon Sales Rank: 5,701
  • Enjoy views driving along the beautiful landscapes;
  • Different train routes for exploration;
  • Exciting experience of controlling virtual train;
  • Drive and turn smoothly for the people be comfortable inside
List Price: $0.99
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20: Ultimate Trivia for Harry Potter Spells

by Peekaboo Studios
Amazon Sales Rank: 7,019
  • For true fans of Harry Potter
  • Identify the different spells
  • We will keep updating the app with more and more questions