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1: OfficeSuite Professional

by MobiSystems, Inc.
Amazon Sales Rank: 553
  • View, create and edit complex office documents using a familiar desktop-style interface
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft formats including DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM
  • Support for PDF files, Export to PDF and Fillable forms
  • Security features - work with password protected files
  • Export PDFs to Word, Excel, or ePub and convert any file to PDF
  • Track changes with multiple author support
  • Legacy Microsoft format support (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT) along with .ODF formats Additional support for common formats like RTF, TXT, LOG, CSV, EML, ZIP; Open Office - ODT, ODS and ODP
  • Text-to-Speech support for documents and PDFs
  • Integrated with File Commander for advanced synchronization and quick and easy access to both local and remote files
  • Sharing via cloud services like OfficeSuite Drive, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive and SugarSync, as well as over email and Bluetooth
  • PDF security and editing features including digital signatures support, permissions management, text to PDF, and annotations
List Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $1.99
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2: CamScanner License

by IntSig Information Co.,Ltd
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,072
  • Scan, crop, and enhance images
  • Create PDF files with the processed image
  • Easily manage and reorder multi-page documents
  • Upload PDFs to Google Docs, DropBox or Box.net for backup
  • Share PDF via e-mail
List Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.99
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3: EASY screen recorder

by Invisibility Ltd
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,137
  • Simple to install and easy to use
  • Records your audio and gestures
  • Easily shares videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.
List Price: $0.99
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4: File Manager - FireTv Edition

by AppPlanet
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,150
  • Elegantly designed user friendly File Manager for your FireTv.
  • All basic set of functionalities like copy, paste, rename, delete etc. with a long press
  • Specifically designed for Fire TV.
  • Quick access to most commonly used folders like Movies, Pictures, Downloads etc.
  • See details of every folder and file right below it.
List Price: $1.11
Sale Price: $1.11
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5: Decide Now!

by Catforce Studio
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,166
  • Unlimited number of you OWN wheels
  • Unlimited number of labels you can put on a wheel
  • 10 predefined wheel templates
  • Exciting color schemes
  • Disable/enable labels to temporarily eliminate some choices
List Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $6.99
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6: ProSetup for Ring

by Rockland Madison
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,548
  • Doorbell
  • Security Cameras
  • Chime
List Price: $0.99
Sale Price: $0.99
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7: Whiteboard Pro

by Gross Software
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,581
  • Draw, doodle, and sketch
  • Choose from 16 colors
  • Pick one of 8 line widths
  • 4 shapes including freehand, line, rectangle, and oval
List Price: $2.50
Sale Price: $2.50
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8: business plan

by muyadev
Amazon Sales Rank: 2,086
  • simple
  • multiple languages
List Price: $17.99
Sale Price: $17.99
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9: iDisplay

by SHAPE Services
Amazon Sales Rank: 2,329
  • iDisplay turns your smartphone or tablet into secondary touch-enabled display your Mac or PC.
  • Move your messaging application, Facebook, Twitter feed, widgets and everything that clutters your main display to iDisplay. Secondary display is the right place for tool palettes of music and graphic editing applications.
  • Zoom and Pan desktop image on your device in both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • FREE iDisplay desktop app needs to be installed on your PC or Mac in order to use iDisplay. Download it at getidisplay.com.
List Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.99
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10: Together Of Game Starve 2

by Vevawah dontstarve
Amazon Sales Rank: 2,496
  • Together Of Game Starve 2
List Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $4.99
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11: Dive: Trick Parkour 2

by Kobixiq Flip
Amazon Sales Rank: 2,853
  • Dive: Trick Parkour 2
List Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $1.99
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12: myScreenplays

by muaki lt.
Amazon Sales Rank: 3,581
  • myScreenplays is a non linear movie scripts editor.
  • It supports import/export for Final Draft, Celts, PDF, Doc, HTML, LaTeX
  • Auto format
  • Smart autocompletion, auto-format, auto-cover
  • Cloud support, share, backup, continue your work between devices
  • Write your movies on the go!
List Price: $0.99
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13: Wifi Booster

by Gp Imports, Inc
Amazon Sales Rank: 3,775
  • Amazing application
  • Don't you hate it how complicated it is to know if you can actually connect to some available wifi where ever you are.
  • You MUST be connected to a WiFi network! This app will refresh WiFi connections & improve WiFi signal.
  • 1.) Turn WiFi "On" in device Settings.
  • 2.) Connect to WiFi network & sign in if it's a secure network.
  • 3.) Tap on "Boost" and voila! enjoy your max speed now.
  • 4.) After boosting your network capabilities, don't close this application... simply exit tapping the home button of your device
  • This quality application should boost wifi reception and improve wifi reception on your Android devices!
  • You don't have to be a techie or a nerd to use this app, is very easy to use!
  • Download it now!
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14: Amazing Kawaii Cute Unicorn Wallpaper - cute backgrounds

by Eljayyissam developer
Amazon Sales Rank: 4,038
  • ★ ->unicorn Wallpapers in HD
  • ★ ->New unicorn pictures and backgrounds added automatically.
  • ★ ->Includes almost every awesome Kawaii unicorn there is.
  • ★ -> Regular Update with new unicorn pictures
  • ★ ->The unicorn images can easily be saved to your phone /tablet.
List Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.99
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15: I Am Rich Caller! - Free Fake Phone Call PRO 2019

by Eljayyissam developer
Amazon Sales Rank: 4,162
  • - simulate fake incoming call from cats.
  • - cat sounds.
  • - phone ringtone.
  • - timeout by seconds.
  • - options to reject or accept call.
  • - great as a game.
  • - full use for free.
  • - easy to use.
List Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $9.99
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16: CNC Machinist Calculator Pro

by droidminer
Amazon Sales Rank: 4,428
  • Great for machinists
  • Perfect for programmers
  • Ideal for Hobbyists
List Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.99
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17: YouBlue Pro - Automatic Bluetooth

by Kevin Ersoy
Amazon Sales Rank: 4,628
  • Smart Bluetooth adapter control
  • Automatically connect to car stereo
  • Automatically start music player
  • Select devices after which a Bluetooth connection is established, a music(or other) app will be started
List Price: $2.00
Sale Price: $2.00
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18: Tayasui Sketches +

by tayasui
Amazon Sales Rank: 5,017
  • Incredibly realistic drawing tools
  • Stunningly beautiful Interface
  • Highly responsive drawing
  • Layers
  • Zoom
List Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.99
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19: Files for Dropbox

by Tube Apps
Amazon Sales Rank: 5,345
  • Sync your files between Dropbox and your Kindle devices.
  • Uploading your local files into Dropbox.
  • Easily manage your content from you Kindle devices.
  • Support searching over local content.
List Price: $0.99
Sale Price: $0.99
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20: World Jurasic Craft Mods Pro 2019

by Red Food NK
Amazon Sales Rank: 5,635
  • Just install with our one-click auto-installer, launch MCPE, and chose the map from your world list.
  • This is a mod and map for Minecraft,
  • Requires Minecraft Pocket Edition to work.