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1: SC Johnson Wood Paste

by SC Johnson
Amazon Sales Rank: 366
List Price: $21.58
New: $21.58
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2: Meguiar's G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax - 11 oz.

by Meguiar's
Amazon Sales Rank: 2,336
  • ONE EASY STEP: Formula delivers maximum synthetic protection, durability, depth of color, and reflectivity in this easy one step
  • EFFORTLESS APPLICATION: Thin Film technology provides for easy application and wipe off even in full sun
  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: Advanced synthetic polymers crosslink to form a long-lasting protective barrier while amplifying reflection for incredible depth and mirror-like shine
  • WATER ROLLS RIGHT OFF PAINT: Hydrophobic Polymer technology increases surface tension to protect paint
  • SAFE AND FLEXIBLE: Safe and effective on all glossy paints and clear coats, and can be applied by hand or dual action variable speed polisher like Meguiar's MT300 Dual Action Polisher
List Price: $6.79
Sale Price: $5.02
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3: Turtle Wax T-223 Super Hard Shell Paste Wax - 9.5 oz.

by Turtle Wax
Amazon Sales Rank: 2,601
  • Legendary Super Hard Shell protection and shine
  • The leading car wax in the world
  • Easy on, easy off formula lasts up to 12 months
  • Fights harmful UV rays
List Price: $36.99
Sale Price: $31.18
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4: Meguiar's M4965 Marine/RV Fiberglass Restoration System

by Meguiar's
Amazon Sales Rank: 3,813
  • BRING YOUR BOAT BACK TO LIFE: Fiberglass restoration system helps to restore fiberglass and gel coats
  • REMOVE BOAT STAINS: Oxidation Remover will remove oxidation stains and scratches from your boat
  • MAKE YOUR BOAT SHINE: High Gloss Polish will make your boat shine brightly in and out of the water
  • WAX THAT LASTS: Pure Wax provides long-lasting and durable protection to your boat
  • QUALITY AND QUANTITY: Each bottle is 16oz, which means you get more bang for your boat
List Price: $19.99
New: $19.99
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5: Muc Off 295-ct Drivetrain Cleaner, 500ml

by Muc Off
Amazon Sales Rank: 4,312
  • Fast and effective grease cutting formula, Removes all chain oil and wax residue
  • Safely Eliminates drive chain contaminant, Biodegradable
  • Ideal for use with chain cleaning devices
  • Deep cleans all drive chain areas in seconds
List Price: $41.39
Sale Price: $41.00
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6: Meguiar's G3500 Dual Action Power System Tool – Boost Your Car Care Arsenal with This Detailing Tool

by Meguiar's
Amazon Sales Rank: 5,263
  • VERSATILE: Excellent multipurpose tool for waxing, polishing and compounding to give your car a smooth, glossy finish free of swirls, oxidation and stains
  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE: An easier way to detail your car by letting your drill do the work. Wax your whole car in less than a half hour!
  • TAKE THE NEXT STEP: Bridge the gap between detailing by hand and professional machine tools. You get the speed, ease and professional finish of machine work in an accessible, easy-to-use home tool
  • CONVENIENT: Attaches to most standard drills. Recommended for use with 3/8" corded drill that operates between 1,200 and 2,500 RPMs
  • ENHANCED RESULTS: Use with with Meguiar's products for outstanding results. Pair with DA Polishing Power Pack G3502 to enhance gloss and shine (tool comes with one polishing power pad), DA Compound Power Pack G3501 to remove defects, and DA Waxing Power Pack G3503 to protect
List Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $23.45
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7: Optimum (20239) Opti-Seal with Foam Applicator Pad - 8 oz.

by Optimum
Amazon Sales Rank: 5,619
  • State-of-the-art, stand-alone spray sealant that provides real, durable protection for paint, plastic trim, and wheels
  • Opti-Seal is crystal clear in the bottle and on the paint. Applied very thinly, it will not streak or cloud; Simply spray, wipe, and walk away.
  • Opti-Seal contains no fillers or cleaners - this is a true paint sealant
  • Opti-Seal can also be used as a base coat under Optimum Car Wax or any other car wax
  • Opti-Seal leaves absolutely no residue to buff off. Paint protection couldn't be any easier!
List Price: $11.30
Sale Price: $7.99
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8: 303 Quick Car Detailer with UV Protectant - High Gloss Car Cleaner and Detailing Spray, 16 fl. oz.

by 303 Products
Amazon Sales Rank: 3,270
  • 303 Detailer Spray is designed to instantly clean, protect and produce a high gloss, show room shine for your car.
  • Contains powerful UV protection to help against fading and preserve your cars original appearance.
  • Helps repel dust, dirt, and light surface scratches. Perfect for touch ups and use in between car washes. Will not leave behind a greasy appearance or feel.
  • Safe for clear coat, fiberglass, chrome, stainless steel and glass. Has no solvent based silicone oils so it won't harm the finish on the clear coat of any vehicle, including your favorite collector car.
  • Easy to use. Spray on and wipe off with your favorite microfiber towel or cleaning cloth. Made in the U.S.A.
List Price: $5.94
New: $5.94
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9: 303 Spray Wax and Quick Detailer with UV Protectant - Car Cleaner with Carnauba Wax- Cleans Water Spots - Repels Dirt, Dust and Debris, 16 fl. oz.

by 303 Products
Amazon Sales Rank: 6,272
  • 303 Spray Wax detailer is the fastest solution for making your car shine. This formula is a gentle car cleaner that helps remove water spots, dust, and other debris from the hard surfaces on your car, while leaving a protective layer on your paint that will help repel these elements for up to 90 days. It also contains a superior UV protection that lasts up to 30 days to prevent color fading.
  • Safe for use on gel coat, clear coat, paint, fiberglass, plastics, clear plastics, chrome and stainless steel, and other non-porous surfaces.
  • Contains Carnauba Wax. This detailer can be applied to either a wet or dry surfaces.
  • 303 Spray Wax is a quick and easy to use spray on formula that comes in a 16 fl. oz. bottle with trigger sprayer.
  • Store at 60°F - 90°F (15°C - 32°C)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
List Price: $23.95
Sale Price: $15.62
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10: Meguiar's M10032 Mirror Glaze Pro Speed Compound - 32 oz.

by Meguiar's
Amazon Sales Rank: 7,031
  • Fast cutting compound with advanced technology
  • Quick removal of 1200 grit and finer sanding marks for easier polishing
  • Removes deep scratches, acid rain, and severe swirls/holograms
  • Works great on fresh and cured paints
  • Formulated for use with a Rotary Buffer
List Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $19.99
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11: Sonax 243400 Spray and Seal - 25.36 fl. oz.

by Sonax
Amazon Sales Rank: 8,062
  • Uncomplicated and highly effective at sealing paintwork, chrome and plastic
  • Enhances the color depth and provides a mirror like shine
  • Impressive water and dirt repellent effect in no time at all
  • Extremely quick and easy step while washing your car
  • Easy to use; simply spray on, rinse off and it's sealed
List Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $11.04
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12: 3M 03618 Adhesive Remover - 12 oz.

by 3M
Amazon Sales Rank: 8,383
  • Adhesive Tar and Wax Remover quickly removes wax, grease, oil and adhesive residue
  • It will not harm most cured automotive paints and is also suitable for vinyl and glass surfaces
List Price: $22.68
New: $22.68
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13: Gel-Gloss RV GG-64 Polish and Protector 64 oz

by Gel-Gloss RV
Amazon Sales Rank: 10,317
  • Highly effective on all fiberglass, acrylic and cultured marble surfaces
  • A one step polish and protector that combines the most powerful protective agents with the highest quality Carnauba waxes to produce a long lasting shine
  • Removes water spots! Polishes and protects fiberglass and acrylic surfaces to produce a "like new finish"
  • Prevents dirty water build-up, removes oxidation and rejuvenates the surface. Excellent for the inside and outside of RVs as well as tubs, showers, spas, basins and stainless steel surfaces. Highly recommended by fiberglass manufacturers throughout the world
  • An absolute necessity for maximum RV surface care and protection
List Price: $28.50
New: $28.50
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14: RP.11 : : Polysilazane Nano-Ceramic SiO2 w/ High Grade Carnauba Wax & Polymer Sealer - Waterless Detailer & Cleaner, Spray w/ Nano Polish Agents, 16oz + free sample of GLOZ

by Renew Protect
Amazon Sales Rank: 52,838
  • PROTECTION - SiO2 Polysilazane nano-ceramic, polymer sealer, carnauba blended high lubricity waterless detail spray & fine polish.
  • LONGEVITY - Provides hydrophobic properties, enhanced gloss and depth of color, high gloss for 3 to 4 months.
  • PERFECTION - Use for regular cleaning, fine finish polish, ceramic maintenance, and seal.
  • VERSATILE - For use on cars, motorcycles, golf carts, RVs, boats, stainless steel, glass, clear acrylic and vinyl windows, and more.
  • GLAS, GLAS1, RP.11 and other ceramics coatings are not recommended for surfaces (paintwork, clear coat, metals, glass) in poor condition. Use RP.05 or RP.08 or wax- and silicone-free polish/compound of your choosing to correct subsraight before use of RP.11, GLAS, or GLAS1. Use as a final finish and/or ceramic maintainance.
List Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $56.27
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15: Meguiar's G55146 All in One Essentials Car Care Kit

by Meguiar's
Amazon Sales Rank: 13,121
  • BEST CAR WASH KIT: 11-piece car wash kit with bucket is loaded with the premium products and accessories you need to gently maintain your car's surfaces including paint, glass, tires, and interior
  • BEST WASH AND WAX: Ultimate Wash and Wax gently cleans the paint while leaving a deep, glossy finish with additional wax protection
  • BEST CAR WAX: Ultimate Quik Wax is a quick and easy spray that provides a spectacular shine, lasting protection, and relentless water-beading
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR WINDOWS: Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner is a gentle professional grade formula that provides streak-free clarity
  • CLEAN EVERY SURFACE: Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner Wipes provide safe cleaning on all interior surfaces
List Price: $11.39
Sale Price: $10.36
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16: Mothers 05644 California Gold Waterless Wash & Wax 24 oz.

by Mothers
Amazon Sales Rank: 14,081
  • Wash and wax in one easy step, without water
  • Provides extreme lubrication to trap and dissolve dirt and grime
  • Leaves a scratch-free, clean surface
  • Safe for any exterior vehicle surface
List Price: $37.99
New: $37.99
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17: Chemical Guys TVD_107 V.R.P. Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic Non-Greasy Dry-to-the-Touch Long Lasting Super Shine Dressing for Tires, Trim and More (1 Gal)

by Chemical Guys
Amazon Sales Rank: 17,594
  • RESTORE AND MAINTAIN SHINE: Penetrates deep to nourish and restore vinyl, rubber and plastic. Refined cream creates a long lasting, non-greasy dry-to-the-touch high, rich shine on tires, dashboards, door panels, bumper trim, windshield cowls, rubber tire sidewalls, grilles, grates, side mirrors and more.
  • PROTECT AGAINST FADING: Refined cream restores and protects vinyl, rubber and plastic against UV damage and from becoming faded and cracked. Specialty UV blockers act like sunscreen to repel harmful solar rays that bleach, fade, and crack sensitive car parts over time.
  • NON-GREASY WATER-BASED FORMULA: Achieve a non-greasy long lasting deep wet look on both interior and exterior vinyl, rubber, plastic and tires with this water-based dressing. Quick and easy application with no sling and no mess.
  • THE #1 BRAND IN CAR CARE: Beginners and professionals alike choose Chemical Guys, not only for the finest car care products, but the world class customer support and vast detailing knowledge. Chemical Guys is more than a brand - it's a lifestyle with a worldwide following
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our customers love our products. We love our products, and we want to make sure you love them too! If you have any questions about or issues with this amazing dressing, please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at 866-822-3670 (Mon - Fri)
List Price: $39.99
New: $39.99
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18: Muc Off 907 Pink Cycle Cleaner, 7 L, 169.05 Fluid_Ounces

by Muc Off
Amazon Sales Rank: 18,659
  • Safe on all parts and surfaces including carbon fiber
  • Will not harm seals, cables, brake pads or rotors
  • Effective road bike & mountain bike cleaner, Safe on anodized metal
  • Alkaline based and free from CFCs, solvents or acids
  • Nano Tech Formula cleans on a molecular level ,Biodegradable
List Price: $27.82
Sale Price: $19.66
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19: Bio-Kleen M00509 Black Streak Remover - 1 Gallon.

by Biokleen
Amazon Sales Rank: 19,219
  • Allows you to remove those black streaks and stains from boats, trailers and RVs with ease
  • Just spray it on and wipe it off, it's that simple
  • A multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser designed to remove soils and marks with a minimum effort on a wide variety of hard surfaces
  • Leaves surfaces streak-free and sparkling clean
  • No rinsing needed and residue free
List Price: $25.68
New: $25.68
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20: Turtle Wax Color Magic 52710 Car Polish Cleans Shines Restores Scratches - Prestige Silver Wax 500ml

by Turtle Wax
Amazon Sales Rank: 21,332
  • Turtle Wax Colour Magic: proprietary color match system is formulated specifically for rejuvenating and enhancing the color of car finish. Color: Silver
  • Simple to Use: Polyurethane enriched formula: Leaves a deep, brilliant shine and provides long lasting protection. Rejuvenates older, faded finishes that have been neglected
  • Ultimate Detail: Gently cleans the paint work masking minor scratches and swirl marks.
  • Professional Finish: Suitable for metallic and clear coats. Helps restore and repair a car's finish to the original showroom-like condition.
  • The total solution to restoring your cars paintwork lasts up to 25 washes.