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Spring Cleaning Made Simple: Four Products You Need Today

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Spring Cleaning Made Simple: Four Products You Need Today

Spring cleaning comes from the bygone era of when homes were heated solely by fireplaces. Making an effort to keep your home warm over the winter meant windows were constantly closed and the fire was always burning. This led to months of dust, stale air, and soot building up.

These days, our lifestyles have changed dramatically, but the need for an annual deep clean remains. While it may seem like a daunting process, there are a few items you can buy that will take the hard work out of it all.

Ziglint Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to vacuuming, hauling a weighty plug-in vacuum from room to room gets annoying fast. For your annual spring clean, you're going to need a cordless vacuum that has a long battery life and great suction. Thankfully, this offering from Ziglint has both. There's nothing worse than running out of juice when you're halfway through a room, and the long battery life on this vacuum means you can count on it when you need it the most.

The Ziglint vacuum is great all year round and can be used in your home and car, and it excels at removing pet hair from even the hardest to reach places. A cordless vacuum cleaner is a crucial part of your spring cleaning kit, and there aren't many that offer this much bang for your buck.

Ostrich Feather Duster

Never underestimate the importance a good-quality feather duster. It will reach places that your vacuum can't, and it will help even the most intricate pieces in your home shine like the day you first bought them.

Ostrich feather dusters are by far the most effective means of adding the finishing touch to things around your home. The feathers themselves are adorned with row after row of tiny barbules that act as a means of collecting the dust. It couldn't be more simple to clean either - simply take it outside and give it a good shake.

With this kind of duster, it's important to pay a premium. The more expensive the duster is, the longer it will last. Cheaper versions tend to shed feathers after vigorous use.

Steam Cleaner

Why have a boring old mop when you could have a steam cleaner? Most steam cleaners come with a range of attachments that are essential for conducting your spring clean to the highest standard. Buying a good quality steam cleaner can help you to clean so much more than just your flooring.

With this PurSteam steam cleaner, you can clean hardwood, tiles, carpet, kitchen surfaces, and even your clothes. If you have pets or children, you probably don't want surfaces in your home covered in potentially harmful chemicals. The good news is when you use a steam cleaner, you can kill 99.99 percent of germs with nothing but water.

Distilled White Vinegar

White vinegar is the unsung hero of cleaning products. It has countless uses in every room of your home and can clean everything from showerheads to microwaves and virtually everything in between. Be mindful that despite similar packaging, there is a slight difference between cleaning and cooking vinegar. The former contains six percent acid, which is 20 percent more than the latter. It may seem like a small difference, but it has a big impact on its efficacy.

Distilled white vinegar is a safer, environmentally conscious alternative to weed killers and heavy-duty cleaners that you would use around your home. You can achieve the same result at a fraction of the cost when you ditch the cupboard full of cleaning products for a bottle of distilled white vinegar.

Start Your Spring Cleaning

Now you're armed with the knowledge of these products and their benefits to the consumer, you're ready to tackle your property's annual spring clean. You may be asking yourself, does it have to be these specific products, or are the brands interchangeable? It's a great question, and here is our advice. In terms of white vinegar and feather dusters, you can be confident in any brand (particularly in terms of white vinegar, which is a single ingredient). Yes, ostrich feather dusters are superior (hence our recommendation), but any feather duster will likely be versatile and efficient enough to do just what you need it to do. Our recommendations for the PurSteam steam cleaner and Ziglint cordless vacuum cleaner, however, are based on consumer testing and personal recommendations. While there are other great items on the market, we highly recommend you choose these brands.

by Daisy Mae

by Daisy Mae | 0 comment(s)

Published on 03/04/2020 02:30 AM EST

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