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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

If you typically wait until the very last minute to do your Christmas shopping, you are not alone. Many people let the clock run down before making a mad dash to fill their Christmas lists. Fortunately for you, waiting too long does not mean that online shopping is not an option. It also doesn't mean that you have to spend too much money. You can comparison shop online for the best deals from the comfort of your own home and avoid Christmas chaos altogether. Here is a rundown of last-minute gift ideas and shipping options you have all the way up until the very last minute.


Though you may have read that the last day to order from Amazon and receive it before Christmas has passed, that's not entirely true. Many items on Amazon's website have a delivery option to one of Amazon's many Hub Lockers and will arrive before Christmas at the locker destination you choose. Some items can be delivered to a Hub Locker the same day. You don't even need Amazon Prime to choose this option, but there is a higher delivery fee. You can also sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, and take advantage of their one-day shipping that is available up until Monday, December 23rd.

For example, if you wanted to buy an Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker for your music lover this Christmas, you can go on Amazon and check the shipping options to see if Hub Locker is an option for you. Or, sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and save on the shipping, too. There are hundreds of deals on Amazon you can still take advantage of before Christmas.


Not to be outdone by Amazon, Walmart also has thousands of items still available for next-day delivery and same-day pick-up. Walmart's next-day delivery is free. If you wanted to order a Juno My Baby Elephant for your darling niece or nephew, you still have time to order it online and have it delivered to your home for free. Walmart also has thousands of items still available for Christmas and awesome deals to save you money. Just check each item online to see what delivery or pick up options are still available for that item.

Comparison Shop

Now that you know that you can still get items shipped before Christmas from Amazon and Walmart, you can check other stores for deals and cross-check to see if they are also available at Amazon or Walmart. Did you see that cool little Echo Show 5 advertised at Best Buy? You can relax in your bathrobe and sip your cocoa while checking Walmart and Amazon to confirm that you can still get it before Christmas without fighting the crowds or even getting dressed. Now that's the way to do last-minute Christmas shopping.

Shop On Christmas Eve

If you still have a few last-minute gifts to snag the day before Christmas, you will be happy to learn that many stores start discounting on Christmas Eve. Waiting for these discounts can be hit or miss because you may come across a great bargain on something you've had your eye on, or you may end up looking at an empty shelf. Leave the Christmas Eve bargain hunting for general items that are easy to find, like gift baskets, rather than hot sellers that are more likely to get scooped up by other savvy shoppers.

Gift Experiences

If you want to avoid shopping altogether, you can purchase vouchers for everything from pedicures to theme parks. Maybe your person-who-has-everything would appreciate a nice deep-tissue massage or a visit to an exciting new place that has just opened in your area. You can wrap your voucher like a present to make it more fun to open, and even include a small gift to go with it.

Now that you have a smart strategy for last-minute Christmas shopping, you can take a deep breath, grab your cocoa, and start shopping right now — right on your couch.

by Mandy Poole

by Mandy Poole | 0 comment(s)

Published on 12/22/2019 03:41 PM EST

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