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PS4 vs. Xbox One: Which Gaming Console is the Best Buy in 2019?

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PS4 vs. Xbox One: Which Gaming Console is the Best Buy in 2019?

We are several years into the lives of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Although Xbox One is reputed to be the most powerful console (owing to its recent GPU boost), PS4 continues to outsell it. In 2018, PS4 hit the 75 million mark, while Xbox One has sold only 36 million consoles.

The difference between the two consoles goes beyond mere cosmetics. Apart from different specifications, each console supports its own programs and games. In this post, we discuss the specs, features, as well as the best deals for each gaming console.

Specs - RAM, GPU, and CPU

Random Access Memory (RAM), Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), and Central Processing Unit (CPU) are the hardware that dictate the console's performance and power. RAM stores data and game information that are being processed as you play. As the name suggests, the GPU is in charge of creating and rendering the images or videos displayed. The CPU performs other calculations to keep the console up and running smoothly. Generally, the bigger each of these numbers is, the better the gaming experience.

Sony's latest version of PS4 has a 1.75GHz 8-core AMD CPU, a 4.2 teraflop AMD GPU, and 8GB GDDR5 RAM. This is quite an improvement from the standard PS4. On the other hand, Xbox One boasts a 2.3GHz 8-core AMD CPU, a 6 teraflop AMD GPU, and 12GB DDR3 RAM (in the X Box One X model). Going by these figures, Xbox One offers a better CPU-GPU combination compared to PS4.

The two are also different when it comes to the 4K Blue-Ray player. While PS4 lacks this feature, Xbox One has it, which makes it a more practical buy...assuming, of course, that you still have physical movie media.

Game Selection

Both consoles have plenty of game titles beloved by this generation of gamers. You can experience anything from third-party epics, such as Resident Evil 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Hearts III, and battle royale games such as PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite on either of the two.

When it comes to exclusives, PS4 continues to win as it continues to feature some of the most popular AAA titles from this generation. These include Spider-Man, God of War, Uncharted 4, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Some of the popular titles you will find on Xbox One include Gears of War 4, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 4, and Halo 5. Some of the upcoming exclusives for 2019 include Gears of War 5, Ori and Will of the Wisps, which are quite promising. You can enjoy most sports games on both consoles. However, MLB The Show is exclusive to PS4.

Comparing the two, PS4 offers a more diverse fighting game lineup, considering it has games like King of Fighters XIV, Street Fighter V, Revelator 2, and Guilty Gear Xrd. The most popular fighting game on Xbox One is Killer Instinct.

Backward Compatibility

Perhaps one of the major selling points in Xbox One is the backward compatibility feature which is absent on PS4. By backward compatibility, we mean that you can play games from earlier versions including the original Xbox and Xbox 360 on Xbox One. This is particularly helpful if you have a huge library Xbox games. You can play more than 400 games from Xbox 360 on the new Xbox One console, including Gears of War series and Mass Effect.

Although you can play older games on Sony's PS4, you would have to pay up. A handful of PS2 classics are available on PS4, some of which support Remote Play and Share Play.

The Bottom Line

While we'd like to recommend one console over the other, it's really hard to point out a winner here. While Xbox One is more powerful when it comes to providing higher graphics resolution, PS4 has more, and perhaps better, exclusives. Both are impressively sleek when it comes to their design. Ultimately, it comes down to which games you prefer. If you still can't decide and multiplayer games are your thing, then the PS4 is probably your best choice based on number of consoles sold.

Xbox One and PS4 deals

When it comes to choosing deals for both consoles, you have quite a number of options. Xbox One S and PS4 tend to be cheap as they are the oldest, while the 4K-capable Xbox One X and PS4 Pro sell at a higher price. However, PS4 is cheaper than the Xbox One console, which could explain why the former has continued dominating the market when it comes to sales.

If you choose to purchase a PS4 console, we recommend that you buy a bundle as it costs more or less the same as a standalone system, and you also get a free game. For instance, you can get the PSVR Astro Bot Rescue Mission + Moss Bundle for $249.99 (at the time of this writing). The bundle has a PS Camera, PSVR headset, ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission Blue-Ray Disc, Demo Disc 2.0, and a Moss game voucher.

A good value Xbox One bundle is the Xbox One X 1TB Fallout 76 Bundle and is selling it at $389.95 (again, at the time of this writing - prices subject to change). Apart from the console, the bundle has a full-game Fallout 76 download and a controller.

Standalone consoles are available at the links below.

Xbox One S Xbox One X PS4 PS4 Pro

by Serena Shannon

by Serena Shannon | 0 comment(s)

Published on 04/09/2019 01:23 PM EDT

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