We make money by running this website. Otherwise, we wouldn't spend hard-earned money to run it. However, we at tibs are also what some would call thorough (even obsessive) when it comes to pulling the trigger on purchase decisions. There is not a great tool on the internet today that pulls all of this information together, so we fully believe in our mission, which is to help you save money and make good purchase decisions. It's actually easy to make decisions on blog content that we think is valuable: if it's valuable to us, it's likely valuable to you too.

So, do we have any affiliation to the companies or products that we blog about? No. Do we make commissions on these products? Sometimes. Our intent here is to provide full transparency. We all know that it's hard to trust anything on the internet today, so we're laying it all out here. Hopefully this gives you all of the information that you need in order to determine whether or not you think we're biased. We'll also publish revisions to this blog policy so that you can see and compare this changes...again, because we're obsessive...so maybe there are others out there like us?? You've made it this far in reading this policy, so don't kid yourself.

Our bloggers are independent contractors. We pay them for the content they produce. If we think this content is useful and unbiased, we publish it here. Unfortunately, we actually wind up paying for content that we don't publish because of this. Our bloggers do NOT receive commissions based on the products or services they blog about. They also cannot have any affiliation with the products or services they blog about and cannot receive any financial gain (other than the fixed price we pay them) in publishing this content. In fact, we point them here to make sure that they read and adhere to this policy.

When we publish requests for content, the exact ask is published below. Our primary objective is to find content that you find useful, and our secondary objective is to tap into the expertise of our bloggers to share information that we couldn't have shared otherwise. So, that said, this is our content request:

We've created tibs as a product research and price comparison tool for consumers. The whole idea is to provide enough information to a consumer about a product (and/or related products) such that the consumer is ready to make a purchase decision without having to reference any other sites and/or reviews. We've been successful so far, but we've hit our capacity workload-wise, so we need some help. Here's what we need from you:

Create useful, relevant, original, content that buyers can use in making purchase decisions. For example, top 10 lists, blogging about a product that you love, blogging about products that you hate, blogging about weighing the pros/cons of big purchase decisions, etc. Topics are flexible, but consumers MUST find the content useful. We're all consumers...wear your consumer hat and think about some content that you would find useful, and write about it!

It doesn't have to be about products, services are also fair game. Some examples may be music streaming services, video streaming services, cellular network providers, etc. But you must be an expert in what you're writing about. You can't write about a provider if you don't have first hand experience, so please don't rely on third party opinions! Again, it must be useful and unique.

Also, writing about good deals is absolutely encouraged. If you see a great deal (again, you must be informed enough to have an expert opinion!), write about it and tell consumers about why it's a great value! Data is excellent here...for example, this is 20% better than any price we've seen in 6 months on this product!

Lastly, please write about things that you're passionate about. If you don't really have an opinion about something, don't write about it! Pick things that you really care about. Oh, and obviously make sure that you check on tibs to make sure that you're writing about something new/different.

So, that's the ask. As you can see from our previously published blog entries, some are about products, some aren't. We add commission-generating links where we can, and we encourage you to click on them. If you think we missed something here in our ask of bloggers, please let us know. We want useful and unbiased content, so help us make this policy better by contributing your feedback. If we publish your change, we'll even send you a gift card!

Now trust us, and go save some money!