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Hacking with Kali Linux: The Complete Guide on Kali Linux for Beginners and Hacking Tools. Includes Basic Security Testing with Kali Linux

by ICT School

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If you want to learn the art of hacking, then keep reading...

This book explains Hacking using an operating system that is created for this sole purpose. We start with an introduction to the world of hacking along with a lot of examples and processes that hackers use in their real life testing methods. As a hacker, one needs to understand basic Linux commands along with bash and python scripting. This book has provided a lot of bash and python examples that will make you start with the hacking scripting. In the next chapters, we have discussed about Network management, process management and several other parts of Linux architecture in detail. In the subsequent chapter, a whole section is dedicated about VPN and Tor network. We have explained everything in Layman's concept along with a lot of examples. Apart from this in the last chapter, we have made a whole new strategy to attack web using Burp suite an important kali Linux tool. Below we will explain about the exciting parts of the book without any delay.

Find out what are the gems you can find in this book below.

  • Hacking process along with clear instructions. This is more like a starting tip for the beginner hackers

  • Installation of virtual machine VM ware and Installation of kali Linux in detail.

  • Bash scripting with a lot of examples. We will explain variables, conditionals and looping in Bash scripting.

  • Python scripting with a lot of examples. We will explain variables, classes, objects in python scripting.

  • Network management and a lot of methods to spoof addresses

  • Process management along with examples. We give so many methodologies to kill a process and prioritizing processes.

  • Description about the Logging system and its uses

  • Automating tasks

  • About TOR bundle, Vpn and Proxy chains

  • Web hacking using the Burp suite

Even if you've never used Linux, you can learn it quickly.

Why are you waiting still? Go grab this hell of a hacking book now.

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Amazon Sales Rank 88,455
Released 08/05/2019
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Language(s) English (Published)
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