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Kali linux: learn now how kali linux works, how hacking with kali linux with this step by step guide for beginners and which tools you need to hack + practical exercises

by Adam Harris

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Do you want to learn how to hack even if you are a beginner? If so, then keep reading.

Today, the Internet plays a very important role in people's lives, work and learning. However, what followed the boom of the internet was that the security of the Internet became more and more prominent. In the Internet, there is a class of people who have mastered superb computer technology. They maintain the security of the Internet and some of them who are evil try to destroy it. They may damage the security of the Internet. Such people are hackers - a group that makes most Internet users awe.  

Who are hackers?

Hackers are a group of people who master ultra-high computer technology. With the knowledge they have, they can work to both protect computers and network security, or to invade other people's computers or destroy the network. For hackers, what they do always has a certain purpose, perhaps for Show off, perhaps for revenge.  The original intent of hackers is those who are proficient in operating systems and network technologies and use their expertise to develop new programs. What hackers do is not malicious destruction.

What will you learn reading this book:

- The tools to gather information

- Advanced Kali linux concepts

- How to hack one of the most important thing that everyone use 

- How to carry out an efficient attack

- The best 6 strategies to to combat cyber terrorist threats

- One of the most famous hacking tool 

- The 5 steps you need to learn to master hacking

- A step-by-step guide to do your first hack

- How to get into someone’s system using the best technique

- The most important phases of the penetration test process

Even if you're starting from zero, you can become a good hacker reading this book.

It is the beginning of your hacker career.

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Amazon Sales Rank 181,193
Released 11/10/2019
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Language(s) English (Published)
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