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Ablaze: Book Six (The White Road Chronicles 6)

by Jackie Castle, J. R. Castle

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They've anticipated this time, yet dread it more than any of them care to admit.

A pang of remorse penetrates Alyra?s chest. She should have tried harder, ran faster, done whatever it took to keep her former master, Darnel, from kidnapping the Curian, Katrina. Now poor Kat is all alone, probably locked in a dungeon, in the dark mountain stronghold of Racah.

What plans were being made to rescue Kat? And when would Tarek come back to Alyra as he promised? His last message said he should have already returned?so what kept him away? Jerin, along with his centaur friends, Lotari and Stitch, anticipate the move against Racah, but Prince Issah has delayed. When Jerin is finally able to ask Issah about his battle plans, the prince seems distracted, staring into the nearby fountain with his gaze locked onto the rippling surface. Leaning forward, Jerin looks harder, wondering what Issah is staring at when a vision forms.

A familiar man is standing on a platform with arms tied behind his back. He?s surrounded by an angry crowd. Jerin is curious about the vision until Issah confirms that before they can advance on Racah, they must first rescue Tarek. The Empowered Illuminate is an important component to their success in defeating their enemy.

The final installment of The White Road Chronicles leads Alyra and her friends to the Mountain stronghold of Racah for a final confrontation with the cruel ruler, Darnel.

Other books in this series (in order)
The White Road Tales Complete Novella Collection (a prequel to the White Road Chronicles)

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