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CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Exams & Dumps: 700+ Exam Questions with their Answers for CEH v10 Exam Vol 2

by James Bolton

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CEH can be said as a certified ethical hacker. This certification is a professional certificate and it is awarded by the EC council (international council of E-commerce consultant). An ethical hacker is a name that is given to penetration testing/ tester. An ethical hacker is employed by the organization with full trust with the employer (ethical hacker) for attempting the penetrating the computer system in order to find and fix all the computer security vulnerabilities. Computer security vulnerabilities also include illegal hacking (gaining authorization to some other computer systems). These activities are criminal activities in almost all countries. Doing a penetrating test in a particular system with the permission of the owner is done and also possible except in Germany. This certification validates the knowledge and skills that are required on how to look for the vulnerabilities as well as weaknesses in a particular computer.

This CEH v10 Practice Questions & Exam dumps book contains 700+ questions to help individuals who are preparing to conduct this exam, I have tried my best to share my expertise to help you pass the exams in your very first attempt, This book can also be used for people who have done their CEH already & want to practice their skills

About Author

James Bolton, CISM, CEH, is a highly qualified IT expert having years of experience in the fields of Information Technology, and cybersecurity. He has worked for several large organizations and has held various roles of a senior instructor, network engineer, programmer, and consultant. Currently, he is serving as a senior security engineer in a well-known organization located in Australia. He also has 1000 of students on Udemy & Coursera under his institution

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Released 01/05/2020
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