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48 Inch High Reach Tree Limb Hand Rope Chain Saw - Blades on Both Sides so it Doesn't Matter How it Lands - Upgraded with 50% More Blades Cutting in BOTH Directions & on BOTH Sides - Comes with Ropes

by YaeKoo

Part Number: 48

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  • WON'T STUCK IN THE TREE - This chain equipped with high quality chain and with extra rope, so it won't get stuck. Our Chain is 48 inch blades comes complete with two 25 foot long control ropes and safety throwing weight bag and is best suited for cutting tree branches up to 14 to 16 inches in diameter.
  • SAVE MONEY - Save Hundreds of Dollars on Tree Service with Our DIY High reach Limb Cutting Kit UPGRADED Chain with 50% More Blades, and Blades on BOTH sides so it doesn't matter how it lands.
  • FULL LIMB CUTTING SET - Complete High Reach Limb Kit with Blade Sharpener, Ropes, Throwing Weight Pouch, and Extra Handles. Cut high reach limbs safely and easily from the ground. Trim hard-to-reach branches from the ground
  • CUT BIG TREE BRANCHES - Quickly cuts branches up to 16in. in diameter. Cut limbs 40-feet, or add more rope for higher cuts. Flexible chain for any height limbs.
  • KIT INCLUDES: Two 25 foot ropes attached to chain saw with riveted brass ends protecting rope from fraying, two sturdy woven nylon handles for comfort grip, nylon weight bag with hook and loop closure for reaching high reach limbs, aluminum carabiner, and steel file for sharpening.
Product Description

Survival Tool Kit Contains:

- 48 inch blades

- Two 25 foot long control ropes

- Two handles for easy cutting

- Fire Starter

- Throwing weight pouch bag

- Nylon package bag

This is the best high reach limb hand chainsaw you'll ever own. Best of all it's also the most compact and light-weight. 48-inch high carbon steel Bimatic chain blade designed to wrap around tree limbs and cut them off as it is drawn back and forth. Purchase ropes and a throwing weight separately. Toss the weighted end of the rope over the limb, pull the blade up into position, then pull back and forth on each control rope. The 48 inch blade is suited for big cutting jobs, limbs as large as 14 inches or greater in diameter. YaeTek Hand Chain Saws are built to last with high quality Heat Treated Carbon Steel Teeth and a blade sharpener to keep them in tip top condition.

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Amazon Sales Rank 177,900
Group Sports
Publisher Yaemart Corportation
Studio Yaemart Corportation
Brand YaeKoo
Manufacturer Yaemart Corportation
Manufacturer Part Number 48
Part Number 48
Colors FI-0010
Package Dimensions 10.24 x 3.62 x 2.83 inches. 1.13 pounds
Adult Product? No


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