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A Synopsis of Taoist Teachings for the West

by Alex Anatole

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GRAND MASTER ALEX ANATOLE was born in Moscow, Russia. At the age of eight, he became a disciple of Master Lu Yang Tai, ?The Enlightened One,? a Taoist sage whose genealogical roots extended back to the ancient origins of Taoism. Ordained as a Taoist priest and Master of Celestial Foxes, Grand Master Anatole continues the traditions and teachings of Taoism and the Creed of Celestial Foxes through a classical curriculum employing the ancient techniques for mental and physical health and wellness. Motivated by a desire to open the worship of Classical Taoism and Empirical Metaphysics, he writes and lectures throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.In this short essay, Grand Master Anatole gives a synopsis of the three sacred postulates of Taoism; Nature, Humanity and Justice, and Empirical Metaphysics. Nature, is the litmus test for our earthly existence. The Taoist understanding of Humanity and Justice explains the motivations of the social structure and how to successfully navigate complex social environments. Empirical Metaphysics is the discipline of communicating with the High Energy to achieve practical results for a successful and prosperous life. The three fundamental pillars are based on an understanding of dealing with the impartiality of ultimate reality rather than the idealistic concepts of universal love, freedom, and fairness for all. These three pylons form the golden triangle of Taoism and are presented and explained by Grand Master Anatole in simple, easy-to-understand language.Additional information about Grand Master Anatole and The Temple of Original Simplicity can be found at www.wikipedia.org and www.tao.org.

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