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From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlock Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss

by Rita Black

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Do you wonder if your battle with weight is deeper than just diet and exercise? Are you worried that it is always going to be this painful struggle? This hypnosis based weight loss process will help you break through the mental barriers that keep you failing, so that you can confidently lose weight and keep it off permanently.

“I just finished with the 30-Day hypnosis-based process in From Fat to Thin Thinking and I feel AMAZING. I feel like going thru this process has literally reset the computer in my brain around everything I thought I knew about weight loss.”

Do you:

  • Know how to lose weight but cannot stick with it long-term?

  • Feel like you are on an endless cycle of being “good” on a diet and “bad” when you fall off?

  • Beat yourself up for being “broken” or “out of control” in regards to your body and your weight?

Rita Black, renowned clinical hypnotherapist, expert in the psychology of weight management and former weight struggler, shows us that we are not insane or broken. Rather, our subconscious brains are wired to keep us in an unending struggle with weight.

In From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlock your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss, Rita guides you personally through her proven hypnosis-based Shift Weight Mastery Process that has helped former weight strugglers achieve long-term weight success for over a decade. The book guides you to realign your brain to lose weight for the last time and create the body and life you desire.

“If you've tried everything else and are looking to finally release extra weight and keep it off permanently, this is the book to have by your side in your journey to permanent weight release.” Jan S. (Released 30+ lbs and has kept it off over 10 years with the Shift Weight Mastery Process)

From Fat to Thin Thinking is more than a book— it is a hypnosis-based weight loss process that includes:

  1. Audio hypnosis and meditation downloads.

  2. Worksheets and cognitive exercises.

  3. And a 30-day email based daily support system with hypnosis, coaching and meditation.

All available on an online resource center that goes with the book free of charge. Follow the simple process outlined in the book and you will:

  • Stop the “on a diet”/ “off a diet” yo-yo cycle so you can lose weight consistently.

  • Change the negative beliefs and habits that are keeping you stuck in a weight struggle and develop a new and healthy relationship with food, exercise and yourself.

  • Achieve your ideal weight confidently and have the peace of mind that you can keep it off!

From Fat to Thin Thinking is a powerful process that works with the subconscious mind to help you break though old habits, beliefs and negative thinking around your weight that has kept you feeling stuck—unable to lose the weight and live the life you desire (fat thinking) and SHIFT into a new thin thinking perspective, habits, and behaviors that allow you to master your relationship with food, exercise, your body and yourself. Release weight confidently and permanently.

 With empathy, humor and a compelling blend of science, story-telling and powerful mental techniques, From Fat to Thin Thinking gives you the keys to free yourself from the prison of the struggle with weight and the ability to start living the slimmer, healthier and more confident life you have been waiting for.

“I was able to release 11 pounds easily using the structure provided by hypnosis and thin thinking. I have used hypnosis with Rita for other major life changes so I was confident that it would be powerful for weight loss. I was not disappointed! ” Kristen L. (Released 11 pounds during her 30-day process)

Start your journey to thin thinking and long-term permanent “weight mastery” today!

Amazon Sales Rank 48,856
Released 04/24/2018
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Publisher Gramercy House Publishing
Studio Gramercy House Publishing
Manufacturer Gramercy House Publishing
Language(s) English (Published)
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