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The Mysterious Murder of Martha Moxley: Did the Political and Financial Power of the Kennedy/Skakel Families Trump the Truth?

by Joe Bruno

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Ranked #1 on Amazon/USA in "Law Witnesses" and "Media & the Law"


At around 9:30 pm on October 30, 1975, blond and beautiful 15-year-old Martha Moxley had just left the Skakel residence and was walking to her home on the other side of Walsh Lane, in the swank Belle Haven section of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Suddenly, someone rushed up behind her and bashed in her head with a 6-iron that belonged to a set of clubs that was later found in the Skakel residence. The killer then dragged Martha’s body down a deep slope and deposited her, face-down, under a huge pine tree. He then stabbed her in the neck with a splintered shaft of the golf club, and pulled her jeans down to her knees, exposing her buttocks. The killer had either been unwilling, or was physically unable to sexually assault the half-naked girl.

The Greenwich police had not investigated a murder case in over 30 years. They bungled the crucial initial investigation and the subsequent follow-ups. It wasn’t until 2002, 27 years after Martha's murder, that Michael Skakel, the nephew of Ethel Skakel Kennedy, the wife of former Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, was tried and convicted of Martha's murder.

Was the Greenwich PD totally incompetent in their initial and ongoing investigation of Martha's murder?

Did the state's Attorney General look the other way because he was afraid of whom he might offend?

Did the Skakel/Kennedy cabal intimidate both the Greenwich PD and the state's AG from doing their jobs?

This book will try to answer those questions.

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Author's note: I started this project with no preconceived notions. With 40 years of journalistic experience and more than 45 published books in the bank, I did my research by reading more than 20 books on either the Moxley murder, or the Kennedy family’s connection to the Skakels; in particular those concerning Ethel Skakel Kennedy, Michael Skakel's blood aunt, and the wife of the late US Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy. I also pored over more than 200 magazine and newspaper articles; especially those in the Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Times, and the New York Times. I also read the entire Sutton Report, commissioned by Rushton Skakel, Michael's father; a report that was instrumental in convicting his son.

This book is my honest opinion of what transpired in the Martha Moxley murder case.

Of course, opinions are like noses; everybody has one. But I back mine up with facts, not other people’s opinions. I have no horses in this race, and I have no axes to grind. My facts are verifiable in numerous court documents, and police and newspaper reports.

Most importantly, I don’t, to shield a blood relative, snatch two new suspects out of my butt, with no proof they were ever in Greenwich on the night of the murder 41 years ago.

Skakel relatives and friends, who have ulterior motives, are entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.

I feel great compassion for the Moxley family. They, along with Martha, are the real victims of this tragedy; no matter what anyone with a vested interest in the final outcome of this case may say.

R.I.P. Martha Moxley (1960-1975)

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Released 08/06/2016
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