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Sorcery and Sin: The Complete Trilogy

by Justin DePaoli

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Sorcery is a sin that has been purged. But now sin is the world's only hope.

This collection includes all three novels of Sorcery and Sin, an epic fantasy about the return of vengeful dragons, a world annihilated by a sorcerer who only wished to save it, and depraved gods on the verge of madness.

Book 1: The Dragon Thief

Sorcery is a sin that has been purged. But now sin is the world's only hope.

Lavery Opsillian would trade anything, even his ghostly friends in the city tombs who comfort him, to have his father back. Instead, he must face reality as Valios' new king.

But his kingship is short-lived. Seized by cutthroats and held for ransom, Lavery learns he possesses a gift he soon deems a curse, but one that may well douse the flames threatening to engulf his world.

Sorcery has returned, and dragons are coming.

Book 2: Reign of Gods

Oriana Gravendeer wants to change the world. But first, she must conquer it.

With a powerful kingdom as her ally, a brood of dragons at her disposal, and sorcery at her command, overthrowing the powers of Avestas should prove effortless.

But when an unsettling horror washes ashore and allies turn, Oriana's hopes begin to crumble. Worse, a malevolence has awoken in the North, and the world will know why sorcery is a sin.

Gods are coming. Gods will reign.

Book 3: Wrath of the Wraith

In a land where winter prevails eternally, Lavery Opsillian searches for a necromancer to save his world from the brink of calamity. But he instead confronts a chilling betrayal by those closest to him.

Worse, he learns that the baleful goddess who seized his world is hunting the same necromancer, for purposes far more sinister than he ever imagined.

But Lavery has a secret he hasn’t yet revealed, and soon the world will know his wrath.

Amazon Sales Rank 57,730
Released 02/13/2018
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Language(s) English (Published)
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