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8-in-1 Chinese Classics [Illustrated]: Art of War; Analects of Confucius; Sayings of Mencius; Shi Ching (Book of Songs); Travels of FaHien; Sorrows of Han; Tao Te Ching; Myths and Legends of China

by Mencius, Laozi, Confucius

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The 8-in-1 Chinese Classics brings together in one volume some of the greatest Chinese classical writings of all time. Here, in full, are:

1. THE ART OF WAR (the full 13 chapters)
2. THE ANALECTS OF CONFUCIUS (the full 20 chapters)
3. THE SAYINGS OF MENCIUS (the full 28 chapters)
4. THE SHI CHING (aka: Shi King or The Book of Songs - the full 4 Parts, 29 'Books')
5. THE TRAVELS OF FA HIEN (40 chapters)
7. THE TAO TE CHING (2 Books, 81 'sections'). Also known as THE TAO AND ITS CHARACTERISTICS by Laozi.
8. MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF CHINA (16 chapters, many illustrations)
**BONUS: Also included is the Confucian classic: THE DOCTRINE OF THE MEAN (zhōng yōng).

• Includes over 30 illustrations!
• Spell-checked, formatted, searchable and with an Optimized Table of Contents!
• NOTE: Unlike other books, this includes the FULL “Sayings of Mencius” and the FULL “Shi Ching.”

This excellent collection will give you insights into Chinese history, thought and beliefs. It will also help you become familiar with some of the most famous Chinese Classical writings of history.

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Main Category Kindle Edition
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Translator(s) Edward Werner
Lionel Giles
James Legge
Language(s) English (Published)
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