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The Truth of Tao

by Alex Anatole

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This book . . . is meant for those rare individuals who ponder the answers to life?s big questions and have the strength to stare reality boldly in the face.
? Grand Master Alex Anatole

Since Lao Tzu first introduced the world to Taoism more than two millennia ago, his elegant teachings have been shrouded in mystery and interpreted in many different ways. Finally, The Truth of Tao explains the secrets of this powerful philosophical system in clear, concise language that everyone can understand. Grand Master Alex Anatole takes readers on a journey of enlightenment, revealing the confusion inherent in Western and Eastern cultural values, clarifying Lao Tzu?s principles, and showing how to apply these principles in everyday situations. Taoism?s elegant system logically unfolds, unifying the physical, mental and spiritual realms until ultimately the purpose of life is revealed.

Contains a 32-page color insert.

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