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Glidecoat Boat Wax Replacement by Marine Shine & Shield | Nano Coating, Polish & Restoration Kit For Your Boat | Never Use Wax Again | Made In The USA |16 oz

by Glidecoat

Part Number: UV16

Style: Glidecoat Boat Wax Replacement by Marine Shine & Shield | Nano Coating, Polish & Restoration Kit For Your Boat | Never Use Wax Again | Made In The USA |16 oz

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  • ?? MAKE YOUR BOAT SHINE - Our nano ceramic coating spray on product is perfect to protect any size of boat! Simply spray on and wipe with a clean microfiber towel and protect your boat for up to 8 months!
  • ?? PROTECT YOUR BOAT PAINT / GELCOAT - Have you ever returned back from a enjoyable day on the boat and spent considerable amount of time to wash away lake scum, bird droppings, leave stains and/or salt from your boat? After applying the product on your hull, topside, glass, etc your boat will be protected from these elements and can simply wipe off!
  • ?? LONGEVITY - Do you get frustrated when you either wash and wax your own boat or pay a detailer to do it for you and within a short period of time, the shine and luster is gone? We agree it is frustrating and that is why designed our product as a nano coating spray that fills in the pores and protects better than wax!
  • ?? PREVENT SUN DAMAGE - Have you ever noticed how the gelcoat / paint on older boats begin to fade and show signs of sun damage? We bet, you have really noticed this on dark colored boat hulls! This is one of the major advantages to using Marine Shine & Shield because the product is actually bonding directly to the surface compared to traditional wax that simply sits on top of the surface. This spray includes UV inhibitors to eliminate UV Damage!
  • ?? EASY APPLICATION - Your time is important and reducing the amount you have to spend detailing your boat may be at the top of your list. With our product, you can simply spray and wipe off with a microfibre towel..Easy!
Product Description

Want to have your boat looking better than factory new?

Create a gloss and shine that will make everyone jealous and add a high level protection from UV, acid rain, salt, lake scum, bugs, etc.

Lasts longer than wax and easy to apply. Simply spray on and lightly buff with a microfiber cloth.

Works on gelcoat, paint, vinyl, stainless steel, glass, plexiglas, rubber and wood.

Glidecoat Marine Shine & Shield is the ultimate replacement to boat wax and makes maintenance a breeze. Simply rinse with water when you return from your day on the boat.

?? Provides high gloss and shine, restoring lost color and luster

?? Reduces boat oxidization and provides up to 8 months of UV Protection

?? Eliminates the need for boat wax

?? Reduces lake scum or salt on your boat hull allowing you to simply rinse the boat off after returning

?? Makes the surface hydrophobic, which will repels; salt, acid rain, dirt streaks, fish blood and leaf stains

?? Minimizes boat maintenance

?? Our product is a soft polymer nano ceramic coating, in which, contains no wax or silicone products

?? Made in the USA

For more information on the Glidecoat product line including photo(s) and video(s), visit our Amazon store at https://www.amazon.com/glidecoat

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Main Category Misc.
Group Sports
Publisher Onan Technologies Inc. DBA Glidecoat
Studio Onan Technologies Inc. DBA Glidecoat
Brand Glidecoat
Manufacturer Onan Technologies Inc. DBA Glidecoat
Manufacturer Part Number UV16
Part Number UV16
Package Quantity 1
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