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Viva Media Dark Sanctuaries 6-Pack JC

by Viva Media

Part Number: 705381374008

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  • Includes 6 Complete Hidden-Object Mysteries
  • Explore the spine-chilling locations in each eerie adventure
  • Packed with innovative features, bonus gameplay, and much more!
  • Includes 6 Complete Hidden-Object Mysteries in All!
Product Description

Discover what lies in shadowy realms in The Lake House Children of Silence Collector's Edition and The Curse of the Werewolves plus 4 more bonus games! In The Lake House Children of Silence, long-forgotten memories bubble to the surface when the past invades the present! An abandoned house at the edge of a gloomy lake has stood empty for 15 years. Shrouded in fog, what terrible memories and secrets does it hold? Find hidden objects, solve puzzles and prepare yourself for an ending darker than you can imagine! In Curse of the Werewolves, beware of what happens when the moon rises! Travel to a family manor and lift the mysterious Curse of the Werewolves in this blood-chilling and enthralling Hidden Object Adventure! Delve into a dark story as you journey through the dusty rooms of an old mansion, misty moonlit forests, rocky cliffs of the ocean shore and the echoing depths of the ancient passageways. Can you help unravel this dark mystery?

  • 0705381374008
  • 705381374008
Main Category CD-ROM
Group Software
Publisher Viva Media
Studio Viva Media
Brand Viva Media
Manufacturer Viva Media
Manufacturer Part Number 705381374008
Part Number 705381374008
Package Quantity 1
Dimensions 5.7 x 0.5 x 5.0 inches. Weight: 0.2 pounds
Package Dimensions 5.7 x 5.0 x 0.5 inches. Weight: 0.02 pounds
Language(s) English (Unknown)
Adult Product? No

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