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Wings for Life: Your Pathway To Freedom After Emotional Upheaval

by Sarah Virág

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7 Simple Steps To A Happier You

If you’re ready to move to a life of freedom and self-worth, follow this simple guidebook for happiness.

If you’re in need of comfort and an actionable path back to harmony in your life, you are not alone.

Wings for Life is based on the author’s own decade of extreme domestic upheaval, and that of the clients she now supports worldwide. This wonderful, experience-based book provides step-by-step guidance for those seeking more emotional balance and fulfillment in their lives.

In 7 straightforward chapters, the author outlines the way to a more uplifted life. She explains the steps that lead to self-love, a more positive way of living - and describes the simple tricks and tips that nurture healthy self-belief. These are the very steps the author herself took to find the path back to full emotional freedom.

Here's what else you will discover:

  • How to implement simple, actionable tips that will restore harmony and happiness to your life

  • Insights that help eliminate the after effects of emotional trauma (from someone who has learned to thrive after major upheaval)

  • A simple and straightforward approach which supports and inspires the reader

  • How to find comfort with your own tribe

  • Why self-love is the true basis for happiness – and how you can nurture this

  • Easy daily exercises that will immediately lift your spirit and confidence

  • The importance of recognising your inner strengths. How to do a quick deep dive and reveal them!

  • How to benefit from the best cheerleader of all in positive self talk

  • Uplifting, motivational techniques which allow you to say goodbye to a negative frame of mind

Use this concise, powerful guide as a motivational daily reference point. Discover simple ways to improve day to day life - and create an ongoing sense of well-being and heightened self-esteem.
Get Wings for Life and start living life on your own, positive terms!


Amazon Sales Rank 414,839
Released 08/28/2018
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Language(s) English (Published)
Adult Product? No

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