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Shadowrun Chronicles - Boston Lockdown - PC (UK Import)

by THQ Nordic

Part Number: 9006113008019

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  • Run and Gun! Gripping and deadly tactical turn-based combat in true Shadow run style: Choose from a wide array of skills groups, magic, technology and weapons to survive!
  • Real consequences! If you lose team-members on a mission, they stay dead. If you don't pick up a mission in time, someone else will have done the job. Are you tough enough to survive the streets?
  • Teamwork! Build up your team of runners or join with other players in live co-op to find the best combination of skill, magic and technology for survival.
  • You'll never run alone! Team up with friends for your next run or swap stories with other runners in the hangout. Take your friend's characters with you into a mission even when they are not online.
  • Every move counts! Dive behind cover, find alternate routes with clever use of your skills, send your drones or spirits into battle and use any weapon at your disposal to make it out alive.
Product Description

Entrapped in a city plagued by a deadly virus, assaulted by the minions of a megacorporation, attacked by infected and with a dragon on a rampage through the city you have to unearth the secret conspiracy that connects it all. As the leader of your team of Shadow runners, you will have to use magic, technology and every weapon available to you, to save the lives of thousands in a city at the brink of extinction. Grow you character, plan your missions and control your team in combat or play live co-op with other players to overcome the challenges ahead of you. Meet your fellow runners in the Back Alley or hire henchmen to help you succeed. Set in the dystopian near future of our world, where magic has awakened and blends with technology, creatures of myth and legend have returned. Elves, Dwarves, Orks and Trolls walk among the neon-lit streets, while the matrix connects everyone and everything as the corporate towers cast their long shadows across the globe. You are a Shadow runner - a secret operative on the edge of society, hired for the jobs no one wants to be connected with. A cyberpunk rebel surviving by skill and instinct in the shadows of the corporate towers! Welcome to the dark side of the future, chummer. It's going to be a hell of a ride.

  • 9006113008019
Amazon Sales Rank 60,275
Main Category Video Game
Group Video Games
Publisher THQ Nordic
Studio THQ Nordic
Brand THQ Nordic
Manufacturer THQ Nordic
Manufacturer Part Number 9006113008019
Part Number 9006113008019
Package Quantity 1
Dimensions 7.87 x 3.15 x 11.81 inches. Weight: 0.1 pounds
Package Dimensions 7.68 x 5.67 x 0.79 inches. Weight: 0.31 pounds
Language(s) English (Unknown)
Adult Product? No

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