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Agawa Canyon - BOREAL21 Backwoods Kit - (21inch folding bow saw with all-purpose blade, premium leather sheath, extra aggressive "Sidney Rancher" blade)

by Agawa Canyon

Part Number: A1B1C1C1D3

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  • Kit Includes:
  • BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw - black annodized aluminum frame, yellow handle, all purpose blade
  • One premium "Crazy Horse" leather sheath with extra blade compartment & leather shoulder strap
  • One extra 21 inch Aggressive "Sidney Rancher" blade
Product Description

The BOREAL21TM is a revolutionary 21 in / 53.3 cm folding bow saw that effortlessly unfolds in seconds for easy, high performance cuts. At 21inches, the blade's length is optimally sized for powerful sawing strokes, and yet short enough for packability. And the 3 hinged trapezium-shaped frame allows large diameter cuts. The blade safely fold into the frame when not in use, protecting you and your gear. All-Purpose Blade: This medium toothed blade has a double pointed raker between sets of cutting teeth, which clears the cutting notch of wood chips and fiber. This popular style cuts green wood but is right at home cutting dry hard and soft woods. Rust protective coating and hardened points make this versatile blade perfect for most uses. Aggressive Sidney Rancher Blade: The Sidney Rancher II is custom designed and favoured by those seeking an extremely aggressive and long lasting blade. Long sharp edges in a unique pattern of large teeth provide aggressive cutting. This heavy gauge blade will plow through wood. Locally made by craftsmen the Sidney Rancher II features hardened points and push/ pull cutting action. Premium "Crazy Horse" dark brown leather sheath: - Leather shoulder strap - Carabiner loop for attaching to bag or belt - Protected extra blades compartment

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Amazon Sales Rank 227,650
Main Category Sports
Group Sports
Publisher Agawa Canyon
Studio Agawa Canyon
Brand Agawa Canyon
Manufacturer Agawa Canyon
Manufacturer Part Number A1B1C1C1D3
Part Number A1B1C1C1D3
Package Quantity 1
Colors Black annodized frame, yellow handle, all-purpose blade
Dimensions 21.0 x 0.1 x 1.0 inches. 2.2 pounds
Adult Product? No

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