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8 Secrets of Tao Te Ching

by Luke Chan

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What is Tao Te Ching?
Tao Te Ching is a philosophical book written by Lao-tzu 2,600 years ago. It consists of about five thousand words with 800 Chinese characters.
The purpose of Tao Te Ching is to teach the world to live harmoniously through the Tao of natural long life. Tao Te Ching sets out to answer eight important questions:
1.Where do we come from and where are we going?
2.Can the opposite of a profound truth also be true?
3.What is the invisible action wuwei?
4.What happens when we reach total silence?
5.Are we born enlightened beings?
6.Is there cosmic justice?
7.What is enough?
8.Are we altruistic in nature?
According to the answers to the above questions, Tao Te Ching can be grouped into eight secrets: 1. Tao; 2. Oneness; 3. Action; 4. Silence; 5. Life; 6. Peace; 7. Contentment; 8. Love.
“Luke has worked for over 10 years on the monumental effort of translating the Tao Te Ching into an accessible and thoroughly researched version of this timeless document. Much has been written about the Tao Te Ching, but no one, before Luke, had made the effort to take into account the most scholarly interpretations of the text. He organized his book into the Eight Secrets of Tao Te Ching, the verbatim translations of the text, the English translation of Chuang-tzu stories, Ho Shang Kung and Wang Pi Commentaries, and a concordance of dictionary definitions of Chinese characters.” - Rick Bellingham.
“Your book is wonderful, absolutely and incredibly wonderful. I am able to read and apply the passages with great ease - they are so very clear, easy to read, easy to understand and profound. You have done a great service for humanity, for all of us. Thank you for walking your path.” - Deborah Lucas
“It’s wonderful! Absolutely a masterpiece! Whenever I read quietly to myself or loudly to my students, the words are touching, inspiring and moving me deeply. Thank you so much for all your dedicated work over the years.” - Melanie Keller

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Released 11/14/2017
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