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Hacking with Kali Linux: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Learn Basic Hacking, Cybersecurity, Wireless Networks, and Penetration Testing

by Dylan Mach

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Are you interested in learning how to protect your own computer, and get it set up so that a hacker is not able to get onto it?

Are you looking for a big career change and would like to learn more about computer programming and hacking in general? Would you like to be able to hack like the hackers and learn the best ways to find vulnerabilities of a system? Then this guidebook is the right one for your needs!

This guidebook is going to spend some time and attention to the different options that you need to know when it is time to get started with hacking and protecting your own network.

This guidebook has all of the tips and tools that will make you successful in no time.

Some of the different techniques, methods, and topics that we are able to talk about when it comes to the world of hacking, especially when it comes to hacking with the Kali Linux system will include:

  • The basics of hacking and some of the basic hacks that you are likely to encounter along the way.
  • The steps of hacking and how a hacker can use this to their advantage.
  • Why Kali Linux is one of the best options to help us get started with hacking and how we are able to download and install this on any computer that we would like.
  • Why your firewall is important to keeping your system safe and secure.
  • A few of the options that you can use when it is time to hack, including Kismet and more.
  • How to use VPN’s Tor and more to make sure that your information is safe and secure and that it is really hard for others to find you while you are online.
  • A look at the steps you can use to get onto a wireless network, even when it has some safety protocols attached to it.
  • The importance of working with IP spoofing and how this helps hackers get onto the network that they want.
  • Getting through the MAC addresses so you can look like you belong.
  • How to work with the basics of a penetration test to see the best results.

There are so many different parts that are going to come when it is time to learn how to do some of your own hacks.

Even if you are working to protect your own network, the tools, techniques, and methods that we are going to talk about in this guidebook will help us to see success.

When you are ready to learn more about hacking and how the Kali Linux system is able to help you see the results you want in no time, make sure to check out this guidebook to get started!

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Released 12/12/2019
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