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Art Gold, Learning How To Be An Art Dealer Tools

by David Valin, Gerard David

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Product Description

Art Gold, Learning How To Be An Art Dealer Tools is a compilation Edition of 2 art books. One book related to the Top Secret Techniques of Art Dealing, and including a Second book which has been an Art Research Tool used by many Art Dealers for several years.

Book One: 101 Top Secret Techniques Used by Successful Part Time Weekend Art Dealers is a book that shows you step by step techniques for how you can become a successful part time weekend art dealer. It is a very good tool, for the person that wants to learn about art, and art dealing, and wants to get into being an art dealer without spending a lot of time or money. There are many opportunities out there in the current world for art enthusiasts, collectors, and marketers to benefit from.

The Author David Valin encourages, learning about art, and artists, and also encourages the promotion and discovery of new artists as well as established artists and artworks. The book also includes many sales prices of art, and many references to great art research libraries, and places to sell your acquired art. Styles of art are included in the book and also some artists that have created art under those styles. The book also has included many successful techniques that have been used by the author for many years, and by many part time art dealers the author has met in his travels.

David Valin is a technologist, inventor, forward thinker, lateral thinker, and a successful weekend art dealer. He has been in many of the realms, and societies of important places such as Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Archives of American Art, Sotheby's, Christie's Auctioneers in New York City, Boston, Washington DC, and been involved in many more art adventures around the world. He has been privileged to be invited into many studios and has associated with many of the art greats, from the 1940's to the 1950's and has experienced many extraordinary art related discoveries, through his many associations with artists, curators and art dealers world wide.

His belief is that if you help any artist whether they are a new artist or artist from the past, by discovering their art works, studying the artist and the art they create, and marketing them and their artworks to collectors, museums and galleries, you help promote Human accomplishment and creative ideas. And in this process you create knowledge for the future world that we were here, and we mattered.

Book Two: Gerard B. David created The Art Signature File in 1992 and compiled the 688 page book for Fine Art Dealers to use in their research. The Art Signature File 2017 is a reference book of signatures of artists that can be searched easily in this ebook, that have sold at auction, with information about the artist's and prices paid for the artist. It gives the, art lover, art researcher, collector, or art dealer the ability to look up artists names, and match signatures to the artist signatures on paintings, and other works of art. It Provides Art Dealer Instant Tool for Mobile Research of Art.

You can easily search for artists in this ebook edition by using only 2 or 3 letters and the possibilities are listed for the user to be able to look through. The Art Signature File has been used by many antique and art dealers, since 1992 as a reference tool while out and about, looking for art at sales, and other places. You never know if you have a valuable painting in your home, attic or basement, and The Art Signature File, can help you research your art, by helping you identify signatures of artists.

Data was compiled from information in public and private sales of art at over 500 fine art auction houses around the world. There are new collectors that are looking for different names of regional artists. In this new Art Signature File you will find many regional names of artists desired right now by most art collectors. One area of art collecting is in the collector trying to find lost, or locating unknown art.

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