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Metamorphosis Alpha 2 (Chronicles from the Warden)

by Craig Martelle, James M. Ward, Alex Bates, Craig J. Brain, Bob Brinkman, Christopher Clark, Valerie Emerson, E.E. Isherwood, Scott Moon, Scott King, Thomas J. Rock, Steve Peek, Bill Patterson, Stephen A. Lee

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A vast starship. A world unto itself. A million colonists, and a journey gone wildly wrong.

Long after most of the crew dies, the survivors are creating a new world. Many don't know they are on a ship. From mutants, to humans, to alien life forms, the melting pot is chaos and calm.

In METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA, you are aboard the stricken starship and struggling to survive, trying to gain knowledge of the strange devices and mechanical apparatus of the vessel, attempting to learn the secrets of the strange ?world? you inhabit?
Fourteen stories that help bring METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA alive. Led by James M. Ward, the original creator, enter the starship Warden, and through the eyes of the authors, enjoy the adventures of the bold as they struggle to complete their quests to understand what their ?world? is all about.

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