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Kickport 2 Sonic Bass Drum Enhancer Black

by Kickport

Part Number: DSKP2BL

Style: Black

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  • It ports the kick drum in the same manner as a bass reflex speaker cabinet which boosts low frequencies.
  • It adds ideal dampening directly to the resonant head which allows you to remove most if not all of the internal materials thus reclaiming all of the natural resonance and tone of your drum
  • It focuses the air as it exits the kick drum and this compression increases punch
  • Its tunable! Due to its broadband design, The KickPort improves the sound of bass drums sized 16 to 28. It can be tuned up or down by adjusting the tuning of the resonant head
Product Description

Want more low end and punch from your kick drum? The KickPort International KickPort bass drum enhancer is a tuned port that fits right in the hole of your bass drum head with amazing results. You will get increased low-end response, more punch and better tone from your bass drum with this amazing little port. Tweak the sound of your drum by tuning it with the KickPort installed, you will love the tone and punch you get.

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Amazon Sales Rank 21,078
Main Category Electronics
Group Musical Instruments
Publisher KickPort International
Studio KickPort International
Brand Kickport
Manufacturer KickPort International
Manufacturer Part Number DSKP2BL
Part Number DSKP2BL
Package Quantity 1
Colors Black
Warranty 1 year.
Dimensions 7.0 x 7.0 x 4.0 inches
Package Dimensions 12.0 x 8.0 x 3.5 inches. Weight: 0.6 pounds
Adult Product? No

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