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Hakkin Expandable Garden Hose Kit,Improved 50ft Magic Flexible Water Hose,7 in 1 Spray Gun Ajustable Nozzles for 7 Pattern High Pressure Power Washer

by Hakkin

Part Number: 4336483104

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  • ?Good quality, Long Service Life?: Natural latex tube, encrypted explosion-proof cloth, no knot, no hard, small folding volume. Super wear-resistant, longer life.Easy to install & disassemble, saving time and effort, quick installation in three seconds
  • ?Friendly Design?:Internal pressurization, long range, friendly design for spray gun user, sprinkler head triangular metal ring can effectively support the switch, so as to achieve automatic long-term water spraying, more save time & effort
  • ?3 Times Auto-Expanding Function?: Automatically extends by 3 times when adding water and extends from 15 ft to 50ft,And can be automatically retracted back to the original length when after finish watering;7 spraying water modes-cone, jet, center,flat,full, mist & shower, can be easy to choose the optimal mode for which you need,Never being twist, tangle and kink
  • ?Widely used?: Used for car cleaning, indoor and outdoor for doors and windows cleaning, floors and other cleaning, gardening and spraying, home hygiene and other useage?make you can freely to use!
  • ?EASY TO STORE?: Retractable, lightweight, highly portable, flexible hose comes with a free storage bag - simple way to save your storage space. Just drain water from the hose when not in use, put in the bag and store out of direct sun. Besides that, the water hose in the bag can serve as a USEFUL GIFT for all gardeners.Add to Cart Now!
Product Description

"We want to have a bath swimming in this summer!"- Your Garden is Yelling

This is a new type of automatic retractable water pipe that is more convenient, quicker and lighter than you think. It is a multi-function sprinkler that does not tie knots or twists. It allows you to wash your car, water the flowers, and sprinkle water.Improved Extra Strength Fabric Protection for All Your Watering Needs.And it can expand to 3 times for its original length when the water is turned on

-7 Spraying Water Mode
Garden Hose Reel Type:Magic Water Hose
Length:15ft to 50ft

1.When using the hose, Try not to use at the highest flow rate if with strong water pressure.
2. For safety reason when you shut off the water, please first switch off the valve on the brass connector and then the tap! It will prevent the hose from running back and hitting you.
3.Don't store the hose in the sun or with any pressure in the hose.Completely drain prior when storage.Cover as necessary to protect from the sun.
4.Try not to step on the pressurized hose During use and use caution so it does not get snagged or caught on a sharp object. Lay it out straight toward the area that you need to water.
5.If you find this hose does not extend to 50ft, please kindly make sure whether the faucet is at full blast.

Important Note:
Please make sure the location of your indoor faucetcan be link the hose, And please prepare an additional adapters if you need to use exterior water faucets.

Package Contents:
1 x Expandable Water Hose
1 x 7 Modes Spray Gun
1 x Connectors

  • 0784008714519
  • 784008714519
Amazon Sales Rank 117,175
Group Lawn & Patio
Publisher Sadzero
Studio Sadzero
Brand Hakkin
Manufacturer Sadzero
Manufacturer Part Number 4336483104
Part Number 4336483104
Colors Green
Package Dimensions 10.55 x 9.21 x 3.15 inches. Weight: 1.23 pounds
Adult Product? No


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