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Exhausted!: Discover how to feel energized to lead a life with purpose. A Psychologist's Guide to Chronic Fatigue. (Zenitude Book 2)

by Dr Catherine Sykes

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Do you find yourself tired and exhausted on a regular basis? Do you have problems sleeping or a general feeling of malaise which you just can?t seem to shake? Do you feel that your lifestyle is wearing you down and you need to find a way to energize your life and find more purpose? Perhaps you have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

You?re not alone. Chronic fatigue has seen a marked increase in sufferers over the past few years; causing extreme exhaustion, sleep problems, anxiety, muscle pain, headaches and even depression. Stuck in a cycle of never ending exhaustion, sufferers find their emotional wellbeing becomes fragile and their productivity drops and they can barely get through the day. There is no energy left for leading a life with purpose.

The aim of this book is to help you identify and overcome the symptoms and the causes of exhaustion. Written by an experienced chartered psychologist, the book aims to help sufferers of chronic fatigue to:

?          Identify the psychological causes of exhaustion

?          Break free from the cycle of exhaustion by enabling you to make crucial lifestyle choices.

?          Understand your own body and mind to help you avoid fatigue in future.

?          Feel energized to lead a meaningful life.

Laid out in a workbook format, you will find methods to analyze your activity and what to look out for. You?re then shown steps to change and improve your lifestyle using a range of psychological techniques, enabling you to make the changes that you need in your life.

If you?re tired of being tired? If you feel like your life is exhausting but you know there must be another way? This book will help you break the cycle of fatigue and live the life that you know is eluding you.

Get your copy today and take your first step towards feeling more energized to lead a life with purpose.

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Publisher Zenitude
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