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Python for Beginners: Hands-On Project to Give Crushing Blow to Fake Programming Heroes. Tips for the World of Hackers, Ethical Hacking, Learn Coding and Master it, Computer Revolution, Cybersecurity

by Mik Arduino

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Do you want to understand the Python language once and for all? Is your biggest dream to seriously learn the art of hacking and how to access the most famous sites worldwide, even if you are not an expert in codes and computer science? Then keep reading...

Why is it impossible to find simple and valuable information about Python and hacking techniques?

That's what happened to me several years ago. I bought books and took courses to understand how to make the most of the Python language along with hacking and cybersecurity techniques. But in the end, I was not hired by anyone because my knowledge was always too limited.

Until one day I met a person via the internet who explained to me that in common books I will never find anything advanced and detailed, especially about the hacking topic, simply because it is information that few people in the world know about.

I started taking courses via Skype for a fee with this person and began to actually understand in two months advanced information that I had never found in previous years in countless books.

This person has worked for numerous famous companies and carried out many hacking operations. Now I will teach you what I have learned in this book in simple and detailed language. This is a book from which it will be possible to learn.

The goal of Python for Beginners is to give you the advanced information you are looking for and that you will not find in other books on the market about Python, hacking and cybersecurity, all explained in a language that even children would understand.

What are some points you will learn in this book?

  • Why is Python Helpful to Become a Great Hacker?

  • The Reason Why You Should Keep Your Computer Safe That no One Will Ever Reveal to You

  • Different Types of Hackers: Who Would You Like to Be?

  • How to Become an Ethical Hacker: Advanced Techniques

  • Cybersecurity Explained in Detail and with Simple Language

  • The Importance of Penetration Testing to Become the Best Ethical Hacker in the World

  • How to Hack a Wireless Network

  • 8 Tips and Tricks about Hacking to Keep You Safe... and Much More!

Python for Beginners is perfect for those who want to approach the Python world and understand advanced information about hacking and cybersecurity even if you don't understand anything about computer science and don't know how to turn on a computer.

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Amazon Sales Rank 88,310
Released 11/14/2019
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Language(s) English (Published)
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