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Enviro-Safe ProSeal XL4 R-134a R-12 R-22 Leak Stop 4 oz Can

by Enviro-Safe

Part Number: 2100A

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  • ProSeal XL4 can be used in all air-conditioning systems( except ammonia systems)
  • Designed to Repair Minor Leaks in the Evaporator, condenser, connecting fittings and lines
  • For large A/C systems (up to 5 Tons)
  • ProSeal XL4 has twice the sealing agent as regular ProSeal
Product Description

Must be shipped to a physical address. We will not ship to P.O. boxes. ProSeal XL4 is designed for repairing leaks in condensors, evaporators, copper line, and solder joints. This product is an epoxy that reacts to water and air. When coming in contact with the atmosphere, it forms a seal over the leak. If your system stays charged for one day when running, this product will fix most leaks that you encounter. If there is air and water in your system, pull a deep vacuum on the system and boil moisture out of the system. An alternative to pulling a vacuum is to purchase and use ProDry XL4 to turn moisture into synthetic oil. This will prevent ProSeal from reacting inside your system. In most cases. if a system has not leaked below 15 psi, there is tpically not air or moisture in the system. The system has greater pressure than what the atmospheric pressure is and cannot leak unless the system is below 15°. ProSeal XL4 has twice as much sealing agent as regular ProSeal. It is great for repairing those reoccuring leaks in systems. Save on costly repair and use ProSeal XL4 instead. Made for large systems (5 ton a/c's)

  • 0816024000632
  • 816024000632
Amazon Sales Rank 530,652
Group Automotive Parts and Accessories
Publisher Enviro-Safe
Studio Enviro-Safe
Brand Enviro-Safe
Manufacturer Enviro-Safe
Manufacturer Part Number 2100A
Part Number 2100A
Package Quantity 1
Adult Product? No

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