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Savage State of Mind: For the Love of An ATL Rider

by KC Mills

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Product Description

The mind of a savage is cold. His thoughts are calculating, yet his heart is loyal. But what does it take to win his heart?

Zaire Karter is a complicated man. He lives by his own rules and makes no apologies. He’s the person who everyone turns to when they’ve run out of options, but when they can’t pay up, the consequences are deadly. There are two things about him that most learn quickly and never forget. When he loves, he loves hard, and if you cross him, vengeance is deadly.

Shani Howard has a list of bad decisions a mile long. She has a good heart with terrible luck, and she finds herself indebted to the wrong people. What she learns is that there is always a way out, but it might put her in the path of someone who could totally change her world. The problem is, she can’t determine if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Zyan Karter has the world at her fingertips. Aside from being the outside child, she has the love of her father and her brother, who shower her with any and everything she wants. Unfortunately, money can’t buy love. The one thing her heart desires the most. How can life be so perfect and hollow at the same time? Finding the one who deserves her heart is challenging to say the least, but maybe, just maybe, she will finally find the right one.

Durham Clayton is a man of principle. Having ruled the streets of Atlanta by dominating the drug market, he figures out that no matter how great the money was, that life would only lead him to jail or a pine box. Once he acquired the income to support his lifestyle, Durham retired, but he still owns the rights to control who works the blocks in his territory. Partnered with his best friend, Zaire, the two have an empire worth fighting for, but Durham is quickly learning that love might need to be on that list also. For now, it’s just a thought, but who knows how things will play out?

Anything goes when you’re dealing with a Savage State of Mind, but is it a price worth paying when it comes down to life or death?

Amazon Sales Rank 13,768
Released 12/14/2017
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Publisher Leo Sullivan Presents
Studio Leo Sullivan Presents
Manufacturer Leo Sullivan Presents
Language(s) English (Published)
Adult Product? No

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