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Off Balance, The American Way of Health: A Pharmacist's Perspective on Why Drugs Don't Work

by Dr. Leyla Ali

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In Off Balance, The American Way of Health, author and pharmacist Dr. Leyla Ali's shares her unique perspective of a failing healthcare system in a colorful and easy-to-read format.

After reading this book, Dr. Leyla hopes the reader will not only understand the limitations of doctors and drugs, but also take responsibility for their own health and start seeking holistic and alternative solutions for their own healthcare needs.

You will discover from reading this book:
?The simple truth of how drugs really work to only suppress symptoms, and create long-term customers.
?How the medical system has become the accepted standard of treatment in our capitalistic society because it is the most profitable?not the most effective.
?The limitations of doctors and drugs.
?Doctors and drugs often cause more harm than good.
?The path to true healing is often beyond the scope of a medical doctor?s training and knowledge.
?Interviews with several individuals who have healed themselves from various health conditions including pain, toxicities, eating disorders, Tourette Syndrome, neuropathy, and cancer.
?Interviews with practitioners who have unique viewpoints, such as an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and a Medical Anthropologist.

?Ali writes with refreshing candor about her disillusionment with traditional medicine... Insightfully portrays an ailing American health system and ways to improve one's health.
-Kirkus Book Reviews

?... Dr Ali does a marvellous job of presenting a potentially heavy subject in an accessible, clear and entertaining manner."
-Adam Smith, Alliance for Natural Health International

Chapter 1 My Journey
Chapter 2 Why Western Medicine?
Chapter 3 Doctors and Drugs
Chapter 4 What?s Wrong with American Medicine?
Chapter 5 Cleansing and Detox
Chapter 6 Weight Loss
Chapter 7 Pain
Chapter 8 Power of the Mind
Chapter 9 Emotions
Chapter 10 Cancer
Chapter 11 What I Hate About Pharmacy
Chapter 12 Case Study
Chapter 13 Are Drugs Really a Problem?
Chapter 14 The Gameplan
Chapter 15 Starting Your Holistic Journey

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Publisher Smart Health Books
Studio Smart Health Books
Manufacturer Smart Health Books
Language(s) English (Published)
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