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Hermit in Paris: Autobiographical Writings

by Martin McLaughlin translator, Italo Calvino

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"As for my books, I regret not having published each one under a different nom de plume: that way I would feel freer to start again from scratch each time, just as I always try to do anyway." (from Hermit in Paris)

This posthumously published collection offers a unique, puzzle-like portrait of one of the postwar era's most inventive and mercurial writers. In letters and journals, occasional pieces and interviews, Italo Calvino recalls growing up in seaside Italy and fighting in the antifascist resistance during World War II, traces the course of his literary career, and reflects on his many travels, including a journey through the United States in 1959 and 1960 that brings out his droll wit at its best. Sparkling with wisdom and unexpected delights, Hermit in Paris is an autobiography like no other.

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Main Category Audible Audiobook
Group Audible
Publisher Recorded Books
Studio Recorded Books
Manufacturer Recorded Books
Narrator(s) Edoardo Ballerini
Publisher(s) Recorded Books
Language(s) English (Original Language)
Running Time 495 minutes
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