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Cyber Security: A Starter Guide to Cyber Security for Beginners, Discover the Best Strategies for Defense Your Devices, Including Risk Management, Social ... and Information Security. (Hacking Book 1)

by Kevin Kali

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Do you want to protect yourserself from Cyber Security attack? If so then keep reading.

Imagine if someone placed a key-logging tool in your personal computer and became privy to your passwords to social media, finances, school, or your organization. It would not take a lot of effort for this individual to ruin your life. There have been various solutions given to decrease your attack surface and mitigate the risks of cyberattacks. These can also be used on a small scale to protect yourself as an individual from such infiltrations.

The next step is placing advanced authentication when it comes to internal collaborators. After all, the goal is to minimize the risk of passwords being hacked—so it would be a good idea to use two-factor authentications. Google presents the perfect example in their security protocols by the way they use two-step verification, where the password has to be backed by a code sent to the user’s mobile device.

You also need to authenticate the external collaborators. There are inevitable risks that come with sharing data to the external suppliers, clients, and partners that are essential in business. In this case, you need to know how long the data is being shared and apply controls to supervise the sharing permissions that can be stopped when required. If not for anything else, it would give you peace of mind to know that the information is safely being handled.

The future of cybersecurity lies in setting up frameworks, as individuals and as corporations, to filter the access to information and sharing networks.

This guide will focus on the following:

•    Introduction
•    What is Ethical Hacking?
•    Preventing Cyber Attacks
•    Surveillance System
•    Social Engineering and Hacking
•    Cybersecurity Types of Roles
•    Key Concepts & Methodologies
•    Key Technologies to Be Aware
•    Which Security Certification fits you best
•    The Value of Security Certifications
•    Cyber Security Career Potentials… AND MORE!!!

To avoid cybercrime from evolving, and to not become better at infiltration and such, Cyber Security needs to stay a practice that adapts to growing problems, thus far, the hackers/attackers are outpacing defenders.

Scroll up and click the Buy Now button and feel like a master of Cyber Security within a few days!

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Released 11/16/2019
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