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My Little Spartan: Unleash Your Inner Spartan

by Michael V Kalisperas, Ellie Kalisperas, Elena Kalisperas

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I want to share with you that sometimes, it?s okay to feel weak, it?s okay to feel sad, it?s okay to cry, it?s okay when some days are better than others. More importantly to help you understand that there will be slow days, days when you may not be as motivated to do all you can do for your disabled loved one. I need you to understand that it?s okay to feel that way sometimes, it doesn?t mean you don?t love them enough or you are a bad parent, it just shows that you are human, and it?s okay to be ?human? sometimes.

The aim of this book is to help you to see laughter in the midst of the overwhelming pain and chaos, and to come out of such situations, scarred but victorious, branded indeed but with new layers of faith, hope and love which no one can ever remove.
As you read this book, expect to experience, from the perspective of parents and siblings, the true effects that being disabled can have on both the affected ones and their care-givers. Prepare yourselves to read with great emotion the unabashed pages of Elenas? diary and from the perspective of Vasilis young siblings of living day to day in the world of disability and all that it brings to a family unit.

This book is majorly about my brave son, my little Spartan; Vasili Kalispera, the one who keeps teaching me life lessons through all of his challenges and to him, it is dedicated.

I hope you find inspiration in it, and strength to overcome all of your troubles.

- Michael V Kalisperas

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