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Tao: The Way of God

by Waysun Liao

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What is God? Why do we suffer? How can we heal ourselves and our world? What is the purpose of life? What happens when we die? What is the best way to pray?

When you understand the way God works, you'll understand the answers to these questions and more.

Master Waysun Liao takes you to the inner teachings of Tao wisdom, giving you the keys to its ancient mysteries in simple terms applied to modern life in today's world.

Enjoy common sense analogies, humor, diagrams, and passages from texts such as Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching as you start your own Tao journey with Master Liao as your guide. With Tao: The Way of God, you will unlock the secret to the power of God, the spiritual dimension, and break beyond the limits or our man-made artificial world.

Once you know Tao as the Way of God, you will never be the same.

About the Author

From the age of twelve, Waysun Liao studied with a wandering Taoist and in a Taoist temple until he became a full Taichi and Tao master. Considered one of the world's foremost authorities on traditional Taoist wisdom and Chi arts, he is the founder and master of one of the oldest Taichi centers in North America, located in Oak Park, Illinois. He is one of the few remaining Tao masters carrying and transmitting the ancient oral traditions concerning the power of Tao, and shares his wisdom with students across the world.

Master Liao is the author of several books, including Nine Nights with the Taoist Master, Chi: Discovering Your Life Energy, and the acclaimed T'ai Chi Classics, which has been translated into nine languages. In addition, he has compiled a complete Taichi learning system on DVD, preserving the ancient temple teachings on moving meditation, the Tao, and internal energy development.

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