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Unmasking the hacker: demystifying cybercrime

by Amanda-Jane Turner

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Do you use computers, smart phones and the internet? If you do, please read this book and help protect yourself from cybercrime.There is no solely technical solution to fight cybercrime and neither is there a solely human solution. That is why everyone who uses technology and the internet need to have at least a basic understanding of what they can do to help protect themselves in cyberspace. The stereotype that cybercrime is committed by mysterious hoody-wearing hackers is harmful. It encourages a feeling of hopelessness about how to protect ourselves and our information. How can we fight these mysterious hidden figures? This book provides easy to understand information to demystify cybercrime and make cyber security more understandable and accessible to all. As technology has evolved exponentially since the advent of the Internet, and because each subsequent generation does not know a time without being connected via smart phones, social media and emails, this book also provides a brief history of computing and the Internet, hacking, social engineering and cybercrime. There are many books in the market about cyber security and some very interesting academic reference books on cybercrime. This book seeks to complement these by providing an accessible narrative about cybercrime and cyber security for all people. It is my hope that the book will be read by a larger audience both technical and non-technical and help raise awareness of cybercrime. Please read this book, discuss it with your friends and family, disagree and debate with me, and most importantly please help to get cybercrime awareness into the hands of everyone. There are things we all can do to protect ourselves against cybercrime and hackers without the need to be highly computer literate. As the world becomes more connected with technology, cyber security is increasingly becoming everybody’s business.

Amazon Sales Rank 435,169
Released 01/11/2020
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Language(s) English (Published)
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