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Speedminton S700 Set - Original Speed ??Badminton/crossminton All-Round Set That Includes 2 Rackets, 5 Speeder Tube, Easy Court, Bag

by Speedminton

Part Number: SM01-S700-10

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  • SPEED BADMINTON: The innovative racket sport, now called crossminton, allows play without a net, and is the perfect outdoor game alternative to beach ball and badminton for the whole family for beach, park or backyard.
  • RACKETS: 2 Speedminton S700 speed badminton rackets made of hardened aluminum with Mega Power Zone for more impact.
  • SPEEDER: 1 FUN, 2 MATCH, 1 CROSS, 1 NIGHT: 5 original Speedminton birdies for different distances also allowing play in the dark.
  • EXTRAS: Easy Court Basic, transportable playing field made of red nylon straps, including 8 pegs to affix to any surface. Also include 4 Speedlights, 1 Windring.
  • ORIGINAL: Speedminton is the leading manufacturer of crossminton / speed badminton equipment as well as official equipment of the ICO (International Crossminton Organization).
Product Description

Speed badminton / crossminton is the innovative alternative to tennis, badminton, spike ball, beach ball and other beach games for adults and kids, providing ultimate fun. This young sport combines the best of other racket sports and inspires young and old all over the world in clubs, leagues and tournaments - without a net, whether indoor or outdoor, in the back yard or in the park, on tennis courts or on the beach.

The Speedminton S700 Set is the all-rounder for the sport crossminton / speed badminton. The set contains two high-quality rackets, more durable than badminton. Shorter and lighter compared to tennis rackets - Speedminton rackets made of aluminum with Mega-Power-Zone (MPZ) for more impact power. In addition, a practical bag, five different Speedminton birdies (Speeder), for different skills, wind strength and distances and a NIGHT Speeder for play in the dark with two matching glow sticks (Speedlights) and a windring for even more wind stability. In addition, you will get a transportable playing field (Easy Court Basic) made of red nylon straps.

FUN Speeder: Perfect for beginners and children, even from first play, this ensures immediate fun. For distances of 15-50ft.

MATCH Speeder: The official competition birdie for faster rallies and even more variety at distances of 30-80ft.

NIGHT Speeder: Play in the dark and twilight with our Speedlights, glow sticks that fit perfectly into the Speeder.

CROSS Speeder: Specially developed for outdoor play, heavier and more wind resistant. For distances of 40-100ft.

In addition, the set includes a windring to weight the speeder providing even more wind stability. Want to play in the dark? Speedlights are available in 8 packs.

The Speedminton S700 set is a development of the S200 set.

Original Speedminton birdies, called Speeders, are produced exclusively in Germany using high-quality, robust and recyclable high-tech plastics from Switzerland.


  • 2 Speedminton S700 Rackets
  • 1 FUN, 2 MATCH, 1 CROSS, 1 NIGHT Speeder
  • 4 Speedlights
  • 1 windring
  • Easy Court Basic

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Amazon Sales Rank 100,854
Main Category Sports
Group Sports
Publisher Speedminton Sporting Goods Corp.
Studio Speedminton Sporting Goods Corp.
Brand Speedminton
Manufacturer Speedminton Sporting Goods Corp.
Manufacturer Part Number SM01-S700-10
Part Number SM01-S700-10
Package Quantity 1
Count Per Package 1
Dimensions 24.0 x 9.5 x 2.0 inches. Weight: 2.0 pounds
Package Dimensions 23.0 x 9.0 x 4.0 inches. Weight: 2.11 pounds
Language(s) English (Unknown)
Adult Product? No

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