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Age In Reverse: Get More Fit, Keep Your Brain Active, And Increase Your Energy Every Day - Look And Feel Younger Than A Year Ago

by Steven Schuster

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Want to stay young, fit and attractive for long? To conquer the threats of aging like poor health, wrinkles, and a reduced quality of life?

Do you experience reduced mobility and energy level? Aging doesn?t have to mean you have to get old in the process. There is a way to avoid losing attractiveness, your healthy looking skin and your health overall.

This book is a thorough anti-aging guide that offers the essential tactics to help you turn back the clock and look and feel younger each day.

Scientific studies have revealed that the human body is coded to self-destruct as we age. But the speed at which it self-destructs is up to us.

Your routines can determine the loss of your firm skin, lack of mobility and constant fatigue.

Change how you move to change how you look and feel ? regardless of your age. Learn about scientifically designed techniques on how to maintain the beauty and energy of your youth. Reverse father time and grow younger, not older.

Alongside Schuster?s tips, you?ll read the stories, experiences, and advice of experts who made research on the topic of aging all their life. You?ll also read about people who?ve used the principles presented in the book and exercises for years. Thanks to these practices, they regained their strength, flexibility, and mobility.

No matter how old you are or what your physical condition is, start the change where you are right now.

Change your movements, change your life.

-Practices to preserve your youthful looks longer
-Scientific reasons why exercises will not only make you feel and look younger but also prolong your lifespan
-Learn how to keep yourself in shape without getting injured
-Three blocks of exercises which improve your balance, posture, cardiovascular system function and digestion
- How to move for healthy feet, improved balance, and activities of daily life

You are what you eat ? at least on the outside.

-The best and the worst anti-aging foods
-The biological background of healthy ? and unhealthy - nutrition
-A week-long sample menu including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a daily detox drink

If you adopt the tips in this book, you?ll feel less pain, you?ll have lower blood sugar, and better circulation. Having more oxygen in your body, you?ll feel more energetic, have better focus and memory. Also, practicing certain types of exercises regularly will reduce the risk of dementia, Alzheimer?s, diabetes, even cancer. Maintain your brain and muscles cells and stay young longer.

You won?t get any younger than you are now. Unless you read the secrets of the wellspring of youth and start taking action today.

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