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I: unnameable

by Jeffrey Fidel

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A book that will truly revolutionize the way we see ourselves....WE and the UNIVERSE are I (one)
 The diagnosis of Bipolar 1 Disorder- by medical decree and societal perception-- is a lifelong sentence
But, Jeffrey R Fidel, an MD himself, is proof that is not true. 
In his beautiful, masterful and minimalist book: I: unnameable
, Jeffrey Fidel provides insight into his story of how he used the ancient teachings of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching, to connect to a voice originating from his heart, the "voice within" teaches our true identity is "beyond thought" and that we and the universe are I(One)...
Feeling numbed by his "chemical lobotomy," he continued to "fit into" society  -- Yet, nothing in his life was right--his marriage was falling apart, he had an inner struggle about his career path, and even his beloved dog died.
Through many ups and downs and searching, he came to the Tao Te Ching. It spoke to him and awakened his awareness that there was another voice, a quiet one that spoke truth to him, a voice that connected him to all that is
. Then, he knew that "we" are not the thoughts in our minds, but rather "we" are unknowable essence woven into the universe.
Today, Jeffrey lives his life in the present moment spreading the word to others that the way to end mental suffering is to be found within.  His book points the way.

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