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The Void Mage (The Familiar and Mage Book 2)

by Honor Raconteur

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Product Description

After two years of training in Turransky under a new master, Rena is a proper Void Mage, supposedly ready to handle whatever the world throws at her. Which is just as well because
Toh’sellor’s influence has proven it can pop shards up anywhere at any given time across all three continents, with nothing to use to predict it. Worse still, it doesn’t seem to have any real restrictions. Meaning they’re in the middle of a losing battle, and even if they destroy the shards, they’re losing the overall war.

The Magical Intercontinental Specialist Division approach her, asking for help and offering support in dealing with the shards, but Rena senses it’s not just the shards they want help with.

She has a terrible premonition about what they really want her to destroy, and she’s not sure if anyone has enough power to accomplish it.

Rena just wonders how long it will take before someone says it out loud.

Amazon Sales Rank 14,756
Released 11/22/2017
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Publisher Raconteur House
Studio Raconteur House
Manufacturer Raconteur House
Language(s) English (Published)
Adult Product? No

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