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The Once and Future Queen

by Knave, Adam P.

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Product Description

Rani Arturus is a chess prodigy with no plans to be a leader of any sort, let alone QUEEN. After she pulls the legendary sword Excalibur from the stone...well, no backsies. Now she must form a new round table made of friends and family to protect the Earth from an invasion of Fae, who'd like a new planet to call their own. It's magic, romance, adventure, and excitement as old myths reveal themselves to be fake, and new ones cause trouble for everyone!

   • King Arthur is reimagined as a 21st century multi-ethnic teen girl

   • Featuring a diverse team of characters with East-Asian, African, and British heritage, as well as diverse sexual orientation.

   • Set in Portland, Oregon, and the UK

   • From the team who created Amelia Cole, an all-ages heroine who ran for 6 arcs at Monkeybrain and IDW.

Amazon Sales Rank 458,566
Released 11/21/2017
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group Digital Ebook Purchas
Publisher Dark Horse Books
Studio Dark Horse Books
Manufacturer Dark Horse Books
Language(s) English (Published)

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