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Xentric Guitars - OCEAN ANIMALS Great White Shark Guitar Knobs 6mm (2 Knobs, Chrome Set Screw)

by Xentric Guitars
Style: Chrome Set Screw

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Product Description

Every Knob is Hand Painted Super Realistic Detail Knob Information We use a standard shaft opening that is universal for any 6mm coarse splined, fine splined or solid pot shaft. Includes a 1/8" set screw to secure the knob to the shaft. Measure your shaft size before ordering. ¼" shafts are NOT compatible with these knobs! *All of our shaped knobs come with a complimentary alan wrench. Installation is extremely SIMPLE with our included diagrams. Simplicity of installation reduces pushing or pulling, scratching or damaging your instrument trying to install/remove defective, poorly designed competing knobs. Installation Instructions: -Back out Set Screw Slightly to Allow Easy Placement -Slide Knob on Shaft to Desired Height -Align Set Screw with Shaft Split. (Splined Shaft Only.) Failure to properly align can result in knobs coming loose, falling off, and being lost. -Tighten the Set Screw. Do not over tighten to avoid stripped threads or damage to knob/shaft. Advantages to purchasing our knobs: -Deeper shaft opening. Allows you to adjust the knob height to your preference. Competing dome knobs often bottom out on taller shafts affecting both appearance and performance. -Extremely light weight. Will not affect guitar balance like some heavy brass or even wooden knobs. Our standard knobs weigh 3 grams. Competition knobs can weigh ten times as much, sometimes more. This excessive weight is compounded by three or even four knobs. -Vibrant and varied colors -Very durable -Similar Hardness to hats worn on construction sites Great White Shark Knob Information Weight: 5 grams Material: Lightweight Urethane Resin Size: 25.5mmH x 22.3mmW x 21.8mmL Fits: ANY 6mm shaft (Custom Sizing Available by Request w/Custom Pricing)

Amazon Sales Rank 48,571
Group Musical Instruments
Publisher Xentric Guitars LLC
Studio Xentric Guitars LLC
Brand Xentric Guitars
Manufacturer Xentric Guitars LLC
Package Quantity 1
Colors Chrome Set Screw
Adult Product? No


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