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Internet Addiction: Kicking the Habit: 30 Day Plan To Take Back Your Life

by Nathan Driskell

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Do you spend hours every day playing online games? Are you always on social media, ignoring your real life friends and family? Have you lost your job or your relationship? Have you tried to cut back on your screen time, only to fail miserably? Sadly, Internet Addiction is a real problem for millions of people around the world. As a new addiction, there is little help for those who feel trapped in this addiction.

In this book, you will learn why you are addicted to electronics, and what you gain from them. You will begin to make goals for your life while renewing real-world relationships. You will start to structure your life not around electronics, but around real-world activities. You will learn how to combat urges to be online and fight negative thoughts that shame and condemn you. The techniques used in this book have helped hundreds of people who are addicted to electronics. It is time to fight this addiction and take your life back.

Amazon Sales Rank 721,816
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Publisher Nathan A Driskell
Studio Nathan A Driskell
Manufacturer Nathan A Driskell
Editor(s) Nathan Driskell
Language(s) English (Published)
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