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Kali Linux: The Complete Guide To Learn Linux For Beginners and Kali Linux, Linux System Administration and Command Line, How To Hack With Kali Linux Tools, Computer Hacking and Networking

by Anthony Hack

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The influence of information technology and the increasing dependency on technological support infiltrates almost all of today's society. Some concern arises from the apparent lack of security integrated inside information technology and network systems. Of particular importance is our increasing dependence on the Internet and networking abilities.

The Internet has presented us with vast opportunities in a broad array of areas that were not possible or even though achievable in previous years. In modern times, we are able to access vast amounts of knowledge and combine the newfound knowledge in modern ways. Along with the actual skills given by the Internet and networking, the negative aspects also infiltrate in unforeseen ways. 

The word “hacking” has preconceived connotations, and most people don't quite grasp the whole concept that goes into the process of hacking. Hackers have a notorious reputation. But there’s a side of hacking that most people aren’t aware of: ethical hacking. You don't hear about the ethical hacking in the news, but there are people out there with the same job description fighting the malicious hackers daily, and they get the bad rep.

The well-known term "hacking" states it is an attempt to gain unauthorized access to data or a system. So, yes, technically, breaking into your ex's Instagram to read their DM's is a form of hacking, but the term refers to anyone with technical skills in the area of hacking. Humans not only to gain access to accounts but also to stop someone else from gaining unauthorized access.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

  • Ethical Hacker
  • The Meaning Of Ethical Hacking And Types
  • Pick Your Hat
  • Programming Linux
  • The Hacking Process
  • Kali Linux Tools
  • Malware And Cyber Attacks
  • Virtual Private Networks To Help
  • Attacking With Frameworks
  • Real Examples Of How To Hack With Kali Linux
  • Cryptography And Network Security… AND MORE!!!


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Released 12/08/2019
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