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Solis (The Fourth Talisman Book 2)

by Kat Ross

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Product Description

In the second volume of the Fourth Talisman series, Nazafareen’s path takes a twist, setting her on a journey into the heart of the maelstrom…

It’s been a thousand years since the Avas Vatras tried to burn the world to ashes. A thousand years since they were imprisoned in the brutal wasteland called the Kiln. But revenge is a dish best served cold—even, apparently, by the children of fire.

In Delphi, Nazafareen joins forces with the followers of Dionysius to rescue her friends from the Oracle’s dungeons and seek out the three talismans whose extraordinary powers stopped the Vatras before. With her own breaking magic growing stronger by the day, she must walk a razor’s edge to control her volatile temper. And if the Vatras find the talismans first, their last hope will die.

In the frozen wastes of the Valkirin range, Victor strikes an uneasy bargain to keep his tenuous grip on the Maiden Keep. The other holdfasts are coming for him. But it’s a traitor within Val Moraine’s walls that may prove to be his downfall.

Praise for Solis

"Ross plots with Olympian vigor, packing her alternate version of Persia with complex characters and a multilayered mythos. This volume’s opening dilemma finds resolution, but there’s plenty still in flux to drive readers to an epic third installment. A complicated follow-up that pushes its cast to the physical and emotional brink." -Kirkus Reviews

“Solis is totally full throttle ahead. Reading it was exhilarating and beyond fun. It’s one of the things I love most about Kat Ross’ books…they are always fast-paced. Not a single page is wasted in moving the characters and story along. It was seriously difficult to put down!” –Rattle the Stars

“Brimming with complex characters, suspenseful plot twists, and set in a world that is as exotic and beautiful as it is dangerous, Solis does not disappoint. Book three can’t be here soon enough!” –Flylef Reviews

“The world building is excellent. The book is fast-paced. What else can I say? Kat Ross hits another one out of the park.” –I Love a Good Book

“I always know when I begin a Kat Ross novel that I’m in for a thrilling tale… and Solis is no exception to this rule. Another exhilarating, adventure driven story full of excitement, action and thrilling romance that will take readers across a dangerous desert land on the brink of war.” –The Rest Is Still Unwritten

“Welcome back to a world full of fantasy, magic, and I am going to go with insane people. I have to say that Kat has done it again writing an excellent novel that will really keep the reader hooked until they hit the last page wishing there was more.” –Books a Plenty Reviews

ASIN B0785619G9
Amazon Sales Rank 26,993
Released 02/19/2018
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Publisher Acorn
Studio Acorn
Manufacturer Acorn
Language(s) English (Published)
Adult Product? No

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