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Waltzing With Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects

by Tom DeMarco, Timothy Lister

ISBN: 0932633609 / 9780932633606

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Product Description

Any software project that's worth starting will be vulnerable to risk. Since greater risks bring greater rewards, a company that runs away from risk will soon find itself lagging behind its more adventurous competition.

By ignoring the threat of negative outcomes?in the name of positive thinking or a Can-Do attitude?software managers drive their organizations into the ground.

In Waltzing with Bears, Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister?the best-selling authors of Peopleware?show readers how to identify and embrace worthwhile risks. Developers are then set free to push the limits.

You'll find that risk management

* makes aggressive risk-taking possible
* protects management from getting blindsided
* provides minimum-cost downside protection
* reveals invisible transfers of responsibility
* isolates the failure of a subproject.

Readers are taught to identify the most common risks faced by software projects:

* schedule flaws
* requirements inflation
* turnover
* specification breakdown
* and under-performance.

Packed with provocative insights, real-world examples, and project-saving tips, Waltzing with Bears is your guide to mitigating the risks?before they turn into problems.

ASIN 0932633609
  • 9780932633606
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