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Yoga: With a Purpose--How to Unlock Your True Potential and Build a Life of Meaning Through Yoga (Yoga Mastery Series, Yoga Philosophy, Mindful Living)

by Olivia Summers

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Surely You Know That Yoga Was Meant To Be More Than Just A Bunch Of Poses…

Yoga with a Purpose will help you discover the fundamentals of yogic philosophy and how it all fits together in modern practice.

Not to mention, you’ll learn new ways to live out your life purpose and find inner peace and enlightenment—all through your yoga practice. If you've ever been curious about how you can use your Doshas and Chakras to develop your yoga practice into a more well-rounded and balanced part of your life, then look no further: the answers are in this book.

But it's not just about how you can utilize your mind-body elements to custom tailor your practice--it's much more than that.

If you’ve ever been curious about how to get more out of yoga and connect your mind, body and spirit in a way you never thought was possible—then Yoga with a Purpose is the book for you.

Inside You’ll Discover…

  • How Patanjali shaped the philosophy of yoga…and why his teachings are still relevant
  • What yamas and niyamas are and how you can apply them to your daily life
  • The 8 Limbed Path of yoga…and what it means for your yoga practice
  • Why your modern yogic body is of prime importance
  • The Koshas, Doshas and Chakras—and how they can help with your practice
  • Accessible meditation techniques
  • Your unique meditation style
  • Why sun salutations are integral to your yoga practice
  • How to detoxify your modern yogic body
  • How to combine all of these practices to achieve and fulfill your life’s purpose
  • Plus, much much more!
If you’re ready to take your mind, body and spirit to a whole new level and connect with your higher Self in a way you never thought was possible, then I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and grab this book today.

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Amazon Sales Rank 158,632
Released 05/11/2015
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Publisher Success Life Publishing
Studio Success Life Publishing
Manufacturer Success Life Publishing
Language(s) English (Published)
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